August-September 2020

Trucking through trying times

Truck drivers share their stories of how they are persevering as individuals and as businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic.



Trucking through trying times

Drivers share their stories of how they are persevering as individuals and as businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic.

FMCSA waiver

FMCSA’s emergency HOS waiver set to last at least five months

FMCSA extended its emergency declaration for another month. The unprecedented waiver will last at least five months.

Paycheck Protection Program funds


Report: 3,200 long-haul trucking companies received PPP loans.

Hours of service rule reform

Forging ahead with flexibility

Reformed hours-of-service regulations set to go into effect Sept. 29.

highway bill

Highway to nowhere

Original highway bill marred by partisanship,minimum insurance amendment


A welcome change

In July, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association welcomed the official launch of USMCA, which adds protections to U.S. long-haul truckers.

FMCSA drug testing requirements

A matter of discretion

FMCSA is allowing flexibility in random drug test requirements because of the pandemic.

FMCSA grants waiver to permit third-party CDL test examiners

FMCSA approves CDL test examiner waiver through September

FMCSA has announced that its waiver for states regarding third-party CDL skills test examiners was extended for three months, until Sept. 30.

CDL testing

OOIDA backs plan to streamline CDL issuance regarding drug violations

OOIDA backs a proposal that would stop states from issuing a CDL to anyone prohibited from driving because of a substance violation.

oversized load

Oversized-load carrier group receives 30-minute break exemption

FMCSA granted the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association a five-year exemption from the agency’s mandatory 30-minute rest break.

FMCSA Werner Enterprises ELD request

FMCSA accepts Werner’s exemption request during ELD switch

FMCSA accepted an hours-of-service exemption request from Werner Enterprises, allowing certain provisions during an eight-day transition

absentee voting

States continue to make changes to absentee voting

Concern about voters safely being able to fill out ballots for upcoming elections has spurred states all over the map to simplify absentee voting.

fuel tax rate c

Fuel rate changes hit several states in July

July 1 marked changes in fuel tax collections in states across the country. Rate changes range from a nickel to fractional amounts.


Multitasking microbusiness

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a steep toll on small businesses. But for the smallest trucking “microbusinesses” it means adapting to survive.

Iowa governor

Iowa governor signs law to protect class of owner-operators

A new law in Iowa is meant to protect the classification of independent contractor for owner-operators in the wake of California’s battle to address issue.

state watch

State Watch – August/September 2020

Most state legislatures have wrapped up their work for this calendar year. Here’s our end-of-summer review of bills.

Arizona Truck Screening Technology

Truck screening technology expanded at Arizona ports

Truck travel through the ports of entry in Arizona may run smoother now that ADOT has expanded its use of truck-screening technology.

Dashcam florida supreme court

Debating the dashcam defense

Is a dashcam video credible evidence in a truck-related crash? That’s a question before the Florida Supreme Court.

OOIDA president Todd Spencer

Move away from regulations that don’t improve safety, OOIDA’s Spencer says

At the MCSAC meeting on July 14, OOIDA President Todd Spencer said FMCSA should move away from regulations that don’t improve safety.

Salute to America, OOIDA

Salute to America White House event included OOIDA reps

Several OOIDA members attended the White House Salute to America Fourth of July celebration to represent owner-operators across the nation.

The Parking Zone truck parking

Parking Zone – August/September 2020

One truck parking bill out, one more left to go

Jim Johnston Memorial Bridge


Jim Johnston Memorial Bridge is dedicated in honor of longtime OOIDA president.

Texas Supreme Court

A call for change

Texas Supreme Court ruling in a case involving an allegedly overworked trucker leads one justice to ask for legislative action.

Driver Training

Driver Training: The key ingredient

The key to producing safe truck drivers is a good training program, not a bunch of gadgets

COVID-19 testing

COVID-19 testing expands as part of Ontario pilot program

Ontario’s provincial government launched a pilot program making it easier for truckers to access COVID-19 testing.

DOT physical scam sentencing

DOT physical scheme leads to home confinement, probation

A Florida-based certified medical examiner has been sentenced for falsifying Department of Transportation physical examinations.


Treasury provides $700 million loan to YRC

As health insurance for YRC employees neared the 11th hour before lapsing, the U.S. Treasury bailed the company out with a $700 million CARES Act loan.

distracted driving

Distracted driving persists as problem on nation’s roads

A new study reveals that distracted driving, including engaging in sexual activities and shaving while driving, continues to be a problem.

TAT Truckers Against Trafficking

TAT announces upgrades to show trailer

The Freedom Driver Project is getting a facelift and implementing virtual tours of the 48-foot renovated TAT show trailer.

August-September 2020

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GBATS, Guilty By Association Truck Show

The show will go on … in 2021

GBATS reschedules in-person show for next year.

Jesse James Dupree

A trucking anthem

A new song by Jesse James Dupree called “It Didn’t Fall From the Sky” salutes truck drivers.

Fitness Apps

Fitness apps for the road warriors

Technology makes it easier than ever to stay in shape whether out on the road or quarantined at home

Jersey Jim Memory Lane

The story of Jersey Jim

A fast-talking character attempts to grow his trucking business.

Mafia Secrets August/September 2020 First Class

Mafia Secrets – August/September 2020

A truly fine 359

Jon Osburn, skipper of OOIDA's tour trailer, The Spirit

OOIDA on the Road – August/September 2020

Jon Osburn, skipper of OOIDA’s tour trailer, tours the Upper Midwest this summer.

poster contest

Trucking in America poster contest

Crack out the crayons and markers and show the truckers some love.

Dave Sweetman, Dashboard Confidential

Dashboard Confidential – August/September 2020

Dave Sweetman looks back on a former co-worker who was one of the hardest workers and best BS artists he ever met.

Strange Things & Filthy Lies August/September 2020

Strange Things & Filthy Lies Sanitized – August/September 2020

Can you be ticketed for farting in public?

Roses & Razzberries COVID-19

Roses & Razzberries – August/September 2020

Another bouquet of roses and a bushel of razzberries are doled out by Land Line's Terry Scruton.


electric trucks, automated trucks

Electric and automated trucks progressing, including strictest emission standards in nation

In addition to CARB’s new Advanced Clean Trucks regulation, plans for electric truck and automated truck corridors are in the works.

Fuel Squeezing Strategies

Fuel-squeezing strategies

There’s more than one way to avoid buying too much diesel oil.

truck products hot stuff and cool services

Hot Stuff & Cool Services – August/September 2020

The latest edition features a variety of trucking-centric products for your home on the road.


Maintenance Q A

Maintenance Q&A August/September 2020

Tire retreads can save you money, but remember the need to match tires when selecting where to get the retreading done.

Road Law

Road Law – August/September 2020

A truck driver received a parking ticket while inside the truck without first being asked to move.

Tax Tips scams

Tax Tips – August/September 2020

How to prepare for an emergency