Distracted driving persists as problem on nation’s roads

August-September 2020

Tyson Fisher


Despite repeated warnings from government officials and safety groups, distracted driving continues to be a problem. Research shows that the problem goes beyond cellphone use.

About 15% of drivers acknowledged participating in sexual activity while driving.

New research by insurance comparison website The Zebra reveals that motorists continue to engage in distracted driving. In addition to nearly two-thirds of those surveyed admitting to using their phone while driving, motorists are finding more creative ways to engage in distracted driving:

  • One in four drivers have put on or taken off clothing while driving.
  • One in seven have applied makeup or deodorant.
  • Nearly 15% have engaged in sexual activity while driving.
  • More than 12% have hit a passenger while driving.

The top 10 distracted driving activities:

  • Read something on phone or other device (58%).
  • Texting (56%).
  • Picking nose (47%).
  • Eating a full meal (36%).
  • Kissing someone (27%).
  • Putting on or taking off clothing (27%).
  • Cleaning dashboard or windows (25%).
  • Brushing hair (17.5%).
  • Applying makeup or deodorant (15%).
  • Engaging in sexual activity (15%).

According to the study, people find ways to justify using a smartphone while driving. Nearly 82% said it is OK if they use a speakerphone or a hands-free system. More than 64% find it OK to use a phone for direction and navigation. LL

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Tyson Fisher

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