Fitness apps for the road warriors

Technology makes it easier than ever to stay in shape whether out on the road or quarantined at home

August-September 2020

Tyson Fisher


Just because you are on the road up to 11 hours a day doesn’t mean there is no time or place to work out. In fact, millions of Americans have had to find ways to get in their workout while quarantined at home. Per usual, there’s an app for that.

Below are some of the hundreds of apps available for those on the road (or stuck at home) to stay fit and healthy. Representing only a small fraction of what is available, explore your app store if nothing below fits your needs.


A sign of a good fitness app is whether it asks for information about you before listing workouts. FitOn starts off by asking for your gender, date of birth, height, weight, what your goal is (e.g., lose weight, stay toned, reduce stress, etc.), how many workouts per week you want, and how much time for each workout. FitOn also will add reminders to your phone so you won’t forget a workout. From there choose from various free workouts. FitOn is compatible with Fitbit, Garmin devices and Google Fit. A “no equipment” option is perfect for those on the road.


In addition to standard questions, 8Fit will ask for your body type and then ask your desired body type. A workout plan is then tailored to you based on your responses, including what your target weight and calories should be. A workout is chosen for you each day, which can be set to a reminder on your phone or tablet. An exercise library gives you the option to craft your own workout. Upgrade to a pro account and gain access to weekly classes.

Nike Training Club

If asked to think of a brand that is synonymous with health and fitness, the name Nike would likely come up. Known for its athletic gear, Nike’s reputation is reflected in its fitness app. Among the better fitness apps, Nike Training Club has a wide variety of routines to choose from, including those specifically for home or anywhere with no equipment. The app has a premium option that used to cost quite a bit of money. However, Nike recently opened up all premium content for free. This means you can get some top-notch workouts without paying a dime, making Nike Training Club one of the best free fitness apps on the market.


One of the questions JEFIT will ask you is where you work out: a gym with equipment or at home with minimal to no equipment. The second option makes this app perfect for the road warrior. From there, a workout plan is set. JEFIT is more for the trucker who has plenty of time to set aside for a workout. Many of the daily workouts last for more than hour, some up to two hours. However, you are free to start and stop whenever, including skipping exercises within a workout.


For the runners at any level, MapMyRun is one of the best apps out there. Strap your smartphone on you while running, and the app will use the GPS to literally map your run to see how many miles you ran. Perhaps the coolest feature is the “Routes” option. Using your current location, the app will find nearby running routes created by other users. MapMyRun routes include total distance of the route, distance of the route from your current location and elevation gain of the route. The app also is compatible with several different fitness apps and devices.

Daily Yoga

Staying in shape isn’t all about cardio and weightlifting. Keeping your body loose and limber can prevent tearing of muscle tissue and keep joints healthy. Yoga is great to get those results. The Daily Yoga app includes several free yoga routines based on your experience level and goals. A Gold Pro account gives you access to even more routines to add some variety. The pro account includes nearly 200 poses and 27 blocks with HD videos and images that can be accessed on up to eight devices.


Working out can be difficult if you have nowhere to go. Rather than get a membership at one of those franchise gyms, truckers can take advantage of local programs wherever they may be. The Mindbody app will access your current location and show you where nearby fitness classes are taking place. Classes include free courses and drop-in or bookings for a minimal fee. Mindbody also will show you where nearby community centers and other businesses are located for you to find a spot to work up a sweat.


Another app that wants some info from you, Freeletics also wants to know how you would like to train: using bodyweight, running or with barbell/weights. Two of three options allow training for anyone and anywhere. Choose from workouts that are ranked by duration and difficulty. Audio recordings are available for “mindset coaching,” including sleeping better, training smarter, focus/de-stress and getting inspired. If you are really serious about getting in shape, the subscription for $60 every six months gives you access to the Training Journey feature.

Workout Trainer by Skimble

The Workout Trainer app is among the most user-friendly apps in terms of ease of navigation and ability to find workouts that fit your needs. Go to “Find a Workout” and click the filter option. From there, choose which category you want to see, duration of workout desired, specific target areas, what (if any) equipment you have and difficulty. By using the filter, you will only see workouts that you are able and willing to do. Workouts last anywhere from five minutes to an hour. A $60 annual subscription opens up even more options.


Nowadays, you can find nearly everything on YouTube. Need to do a home repair you know nothing about? There’s a YouTube video for that. Want to master a new hobby or skill? There’s a YouTube video for that as well. Needless to say, YouTube is chock-full of workout videos to choose from.

Fitness devices

All some people need to stay in shape is someone or something keeping them in check. There are a variety of fitness watches that sync up to your smartphone to ensure you are staying active. Garmin watches sync up with the Garmin Connect

app to monitor your steps, calories burned, etc. Fitbit, Apple and other watches all have similar functions. Many of the above apps are compatible with fitness watches as well. There are even fitness rings like the Motiv Ring, which essentially does the exact same thing, but is more subtle than a bulky watch.

Apps for those short on time

Both the Johnson and Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout app and an app simply called Seven allows a quick workout while taking a 30-minute break or waiting at the dock. Both apps include a workout library that includes routines that range from seven minutes to more than 30 minutes. The Johnson and Johnson app is completely free, allowing access to all workouts at any time. The Seven app has free workouts, but in order to access them you have to work for them. You have to complete certain workouts to unlock others. LL

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