TAT announces upgrades to show trailer

August-September 2020

Wendy Parker


Truckers Against Trafficking is taking advantage of mandated time away from the public circuit to upgrade its Freedom Drivers Project show trailer.

“While we would rather be on the road educating the public, we’re excited to have the opportunity to update our training material panel,” TAT Systems Administrator Susan Dold said in late June.

She went on to describe a new virtual experience for users, something the advocacy group plans to have available soon.

“The virtual tour is something I think will continue, even when we can get back out there. You can’t replace the face-to-face interactions, but you also can’t deny the reach this could have beyond our ability to attend public events,” Dold said.

Before COVID-19, Dold traveled with the 48-foot renovated show trailer for a year-and-a-half to various locations, educating the public on the realities of human trafficking.

“All of our information is appropriate for the general public, and, of course, our main focus has always been the trucking industry,” Dold said. “Some of the updates being done within the trailer include educational information targeted specifically for our recent liaisons with American Bus Association and the Energy Industry.”

Included within the display are actual artifacts and stories from survivors of human trafficking.

“These are compelling stories told by real people who survived,” Dold said.

A video addressing demand for trafficked individuals, along with statements from drivers regarding why they would never purchase a trafficked human being also will be a part of the experience.

“Obviously, if there is no demand there’s no reason for supply,” she said. “We hear a lot of drivers say, ‘That could be my daughter,’ and that’s an impactful message for other drivers.”

TAT’s Man-to-Man campaign addresses this issue and provides drivers with information to help end human trafficking altogether. LL

Wendy Parker

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