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A coronavirus timeline: How we got here

Land Line Media provides a timeline of the events related to the coronavirus dating back to Dec. 31, 2019, when the first reports came out of China.

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Mexican driver banned from driving in U.S. after fatal crash

A truck driver licensed in Mexico was declared an imminent hazard and banned from driving in the U.S. after a fatal crash in May in Idaho.

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Connecticut governor not done yet with truckers

On the heels of approving a truck tax, Connecticut lawmakers may soon renew pursuit of a regional climate plan for transportation.

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Major traffic pattern changes in West Memphis due to I-40 bridge detours

The closure of the I-40 bridge near West Memphis is causing big problems on the I-55 bridge, prompting transport officials to make big changes.

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Wheel Jam sees record numbers

The 17th edition of Wheel Jam was held June 3-6 at the South Dakota State Fairgrounds. The turnout sparked optimism for organizers.


Volvo Trucks recalling certain models for possible hubcap problem

More than 1,000 Volvo trucks of various models are being recalled after an issue dealing with the hubcaps was discovered.

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COVID-19: The latest info brought to you by OOIDA and Land Line

OOIDA & Land Line are compiling information specifically for truckers on COVID-19 regulatory relief and the statewide crowd and restaurant restrictions. We are updating this page regularly as the news breaks.

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Senate highway bill leaves out insurance increase

The Senate’s highway bill isn’t perfect, but represents a “remarkable contrast” from a House version full of “poison pills,” OOIDA said.


Eastern Shore MPO approves Mobile River Truck Bridge plans

The controversial Mobile River Truck Bridge, which includes a truck-only $15 toll, has cleared another hurdle toward the finish line.


Lawmakers continue to double down on stupid

Two lawmakers – a governor and a U.S. representative – weren’t caught on hot mics. They consciously said some stupid remarks about truckers.


Get the latest on the next ‘Live From Exit 24’

Tune into the next “Live From Exit 24” for an update from OOIDA on the highway bill and call in with your questions or concerns.