Keith Goble

State Legislative Editor

Keith Goble has been covering trucking-related laws since 2000. His daily web reports, radio news and “OOIDA’s State Watch” in Land Line Magazine are the industry’s premier sources for information regarding state legislative affairs. Keith is so good at what he does that he’s often teased about being superhuman in his ability to cover trucking-related legislation in every state by himself. What do you think? Give him a cape and tell him to wear glasses to work and go full on Clark Kent?

Got a tip on legislation in your home state? Keith would love to hear from you.

Keith Goble
Welcome to Pure Michigan sign, photo by Ken Lund

Michigan Senate panel reviews speed limits rule revision

Michigan speed limits are the topic of a bill moving through the statehouse to provide more flexibility from the 85th percentile formula.

People voting at election poll

Local elections include transportation funding questions

Counties and cities across the country this fall are set to include transportation funding questions on local election ballots.

Nye County, Nevada, to consider diesel tax

Voters in another Nevada county will decide on local diesel tax

Commissioners in one Nevada locale have decided to allow voters to decide next year whether to collect a local diesel tax.