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Salute the military by taking part in Truckers for Troops

Veterans Day’s an appropriate day to start OOIDA’s Truckers for Troops campaign, a salute to U.S. military service personnel, active duty and also veterans.

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OOIDA suggests lower limit in Colorado’s occupational accident proposal

OOIDA has weighed in on a proposal in Colorado that would set occupational accident medical expense limits exceptionally high.


Utah task force’s tax reform package raises sale, fuel taxes

A Utah legislative panel has unveiled a plan to boost transportation funding via a tax reform package that includes higher costs for fuel purchases.


Truckers for Troops 2019 begins Veterans Day

OOIDA’s Truckers for Troops 2019 campaign launches on Veterans Day. Here’s what’s on deck for Land Line Now’s telethon and how you can help.

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Wilson Logistics seeks exemption from learner’s permit rule

A trucking company wants to be exempt from the requirement of CDL holders being in the passenger seat while a permit holder drives.

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Omnitracs says 99.9% of malfunctioning ELDs now working properly

Omnitracs says drivers who had been on paper logs due to a malfunction with some of the company’s devices can start using their ELDs again.


Connecticut governor unveils transport plan; other states discuss toll rates, roads

Gov. Ned Lamont revealed his new transportation plan, including 14 new toll locations. Meanwhile, other states are raising rates or considering new tolls.

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UPDATE: Voters in locales across the country decide on transportation aid

Nov. 5 ballots in communities around the country included questions to authorize funding to help get needed road and bridge work done. Here are the results.

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Light-bulb moment leads to low-ash-producing oil from Chevron

Sometimes a simple question can lead to a giant leap forward in technology. That’s the story behind Chevron’s new game-changing oil, Delo 600 ADF.


Voters in three states settle transportation questions

On Tuesday, voters throughout the states of Colorado, Maine, and Washington decided whether to boost transportation spending via taxes, fees and bonds.

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Household goods movers indicted for extorting customers

Owners of several household good moving companies have been indicted in a federal court for their role in a fraud scheme that involved extorting customers.