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Survey seeks to pinpoint the impact of rising insurance costs

ATRI’s Research Advisory Committee, which the OOIDA Foundation is a member of, wants feedback from motor carriers on rising insurance costs.

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A coronavirus timeline: How we got here

Land Line Media provides a timeline of the events related to the coronavirus dating back to Dec. 31, 2019, when the first reports came out of China.


Insurance Act back and as poisonous as ever

Rep. Chuy Garcia, D-Ill., announced last week he was reintroducing the Insurance Act, which would increase insurance premiums for motor carriers.

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C.H. Robinson asks Supreme Court to hear personal injury case

C.H. Robinson is petitioning the Supreme Court to hear its claims that federal law preempts a broker from being held liable for negligence.


OOIDA’s tour trailer stops in southwest Missouri

OOIDA’s tour trailer stops in Mount Vernon, Mo. It’s between Springfield and Joplin on I-44. Go meet Marty Ellis, new skipper of The Spirit.

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Infrastructure is in bad shape, but agreement stops there

The next surface transportation bill depends on Republicans and Democrats agreeing on a plan to fund roads and bridges.

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Lease-purchase agreement center of truckers’ misclassification lawsuit

Truckers for Premier Trading and Transportation are claiming that a lease-purchase agreement cornered them into being misclassified as contractors.


American Truck Historical Society launches hall of fame

The ATIL Hall of Fame was created by the ATHS as a new home for industry achievement awards and to recognize trucking leaders and icons.


The new skipper of OOIDA’s tour trailer heads to California, Mo.

The first stop for Marty Ellis as skipper of OOIDA’s tour trailer is the brand-new Crossroads Truck Meet on April 17 in California, Mo.

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IRS issues temporary increase to meal deduction for businesses

The IRS has issued guidance expanding the meal deduction percentage for business expenses on food and drink at restaurants.


Beware the ‘Zoom Zombie’?

What’s a Zoom Zombie? A means to gin up publicity for an insurance company with an interesting twist on who it will or will not cover.


Report names Interstate 95 in Miami most stressful highway

Interstate 95 in Miami tops the list of most stressful roads compiled by Fleet Logging, with Rhode Island the most stressful state to drive in.