Hot Stuff & Cool Services – August/September 2020

August-September 2020

Land Line Staff


34-in-1 multitool

The ImmiX Adjustable Wrench Multitool by LoggerHead Tools unites the capabilities of 34 full-sized tools into a single half- x 4- x 6-inch unit. The tool consists of a hardened steel body, plastic cushion grips and S2 steel slotted, Phillips, Torx, Robertson and Allen screwdriver bits. It also includes 14 metric and standard wrench sizes, spanning 1/4 inch to 9/16 inch and 7 mm to 14 mm. It combines the versatility of an adjustable wrench with the simplicity of pliers, surrounding the work surface with 10 to 30 times more contact area than ordinary wrenches. The ImmiX handles lock to form a powerful, ergonomic magnetic bit driver and the torque enhancing “pistol grip” enables you to comfortably apply the right amount of pressure. The universal orientation works in either hand in any position. Visit or call 800-381-1078 for more information and to order.

Sanitization to go

Vehicle-mounted handwashing stations from National Fleet Products let drivers avoid germy fixtures in public restrooms and sanitize their hands before reentering their vehicle. The UV-resistant water-dispensing tanks are available in black or translucent white and in 6.5-gallon and 10-gallon sizes. Frame- and body-mounting hardware is compatible with virtually any type of trailer. The integrated soap dispenser is removable for refilling the water tank, and a plastic blocking cap is also provided if you don’t want to use the dispenser feature. Spring-toggle water spigots automatically stop water flow when no longer depressed, eliminating the risk of recontamination by touching them again once hands are clean. For more information and to locate a distributor, visit or call 763-762-3451.

The safe way to avoid contaminated surfaces

When you’re out on the road, you come in direct contact with a lot of high-touch surfaces. CleanKey by KeySmart can help reduce point-of-contact on those surfaces by over 99%, according to the company. The tool’s ergonomic design allows you to open doors, press buttons, pull levers and operate touchscreens without coming in direct contact with the surface. CleanKey is made of premium copper alloy and comes equipped with a free, retractable carabiner for quick, easy access no matter where you are. It is easy to clean with steel wool or a disinfectant wipe and will not tarnish or corrode. For more information and to order, visit or call 888-900-5947.

Connectivity for the long haul

Drive Sleek OTR from weBoost is an in-vehicle cell signal booster for solo truckers. Designed to boost coverage for any phone that fits within its cradle, the booster adjusts to fit devices between 5.1 inches and 7.5 inches long. Its high-performance OTR truck antenna puts an end to dropped calls while improving voice quality, data speeds, and the ability to run multiple apps at once, the company says. Drive Sleek OTR works on all U.S. carrier networks with any smartphone and comes complete with a magnetic vent clip, dash cradle mount and hardware for a variety of CB-antenna mount configurations. The 5G-ready booster reaches out to nearby cell towers to access voice and data signals and amplifies it up to 32x, sending it to the inside antenna. The boosted signal is then broadcast by the inside antenna to the cellular device inside the cradle. Visit or call 866-294-1660 for more information and to order.

Give your engine a shot

Fuel Ox OTR fuel additive is a single-shot additive that boosts fuel efficiency and cuts soot and greenhouse gases. Adding a 3-ounce bottle to the tank during a fill-up can improve fuel efficiency by 4% to 8% while lowering diesel particulate filter regenerations by two-thirds, the company says. The highly concentrated formula, originally developed for the military, treats up to 120 gallons of diesel or gasoline to stabilize the fuel, lubricate and clean engines, guard against corrosion and remove water. The liquid has the added benefit of cutting soot and particulates as well, reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted. Fuel OX OTR is available in all-season, Cold Charge and Freeze Guard formulas. The latter two have anti-gelling properties. Visit or call 844-8-FUELOX (844-838-3569) for more information, to purchase or to locate a distributor.

Protection for your pooch

If your dog is your driving companion, you know there’s always the possibility of him/her getting loose and taking off without you when you’re on the road. A Fi collar can help increase your chances of getting them back quickly and safely using built-in GPS and your cellphone. The collar is waterproof, has a built in customizable LED light for added visibility in low light situations and the battery holds a charge for as long as three months, the company says. It also acts as a fitness tracker to ensure your dog gets the exercise it needs. The Fi comes in four sizes, from 11.5 inches up to 34.5 inches. It is available in gray, yellow, blue and pink. For more information and to order, visit LL

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