Livin’ the dream

March-April 2020

Bryan "Boss Man" Martin


Willie Lewis of Cleburne, Texas, is the proud papa of this hot lil’ 1985 Peterbilt model 359. Willie is one of the owners of Texas Truck Tuning.

He purchased this 359 three or four years ago, and it was already in pretty good shape. It is equipped with a 3406B, 425 horsepower Cat, a 18-speed and 300-inch wheelbase. There are plans in the future to transplant a 1,000-plus hp electronic C15 engine where the 3406B currently sits. He brought it up to Joplin and said, “Have at it.” The truck was already stretched to a good wheelbase, and the previous owner had the sleeper opening upgraded to the large Unibilt hole.

Mafia Secrets - Willie Lewis
Willie Lewis of Cleburne, Texas, is the proud papa of this hot lil’ 1985 Peterbilt model 359.

 The Chrome Shop Mafia crew got busy on a full repaint, painted new fuel tanks, smooth aluminum battery boxes and installed rear WTI fenders, also painted to match the stripe design on the truck. A Valley Chrome American Eagle front bumper and a rear T-bumper were hung on the ends of the rig. A reverse bowtie stainless steel sun visor, custom mirror brackets, an aftermarket stainless steel grille surround, an aluminum Holland fifth wheel, a set of ultraleather Pro Ride seats and a 7-inch Vendetta exhaust kit were also installed to highlight the makeover.

Willie says his love of trucks, trucking and the industry in general is a tribute to his granddad Albert.

His grandfather operated a fleet of dump trucks in Johnson County, Texas, as Willie was growing up. Like many of us, once these nasty ol’ trucks get in your blood – you’re hooked! Willie is an owner of Texas Truck Tuning in Cleburne, where they offer precision tuning for all ranges of diesel engines in an effort to enhance both economy and performance.

He shares his home life with his lovely wife, Siara, and their two children – son Brennon and daughter Taitum. Like many of us, he wants to give them a shout out to say thank you for overlooking all of the cold dinners, late nights, canceled plans and occasional headaches caused by his diagnosis of suffering from “truck fever.”

This is actually one of two trucks we have customized for Willie and his crew, and we have truly enjoyed his friendship, loyalty and the opportunity to get to know him and his family on a personal level.

Six days out of seven, if you sneak up on Willie, catch him off guard and ask, “Whatcha doing,” he’d smile and give you the same answer. “Livin’ the dream, man. Livin’ the dream.”

The crazy thing is that he means it.

Congrats, Mr. Lewis on a wonderful family, a thriving business, and one of the sharpest 359s in all of Texas. LL