Hot Stuff and Cool Services – March/April 2020

March-April 2020

Land Line Staff


Clean ride

What trucker wouldn’t want a handheld portable vacuum that’s always within reach? Built to be stored in the cup holder or glove compartment of your truck, this vacuum from Make Lemonade tackles interior messes such as dirt, dust and pet hair. Compact and powerful, it works for wet and dry cleaning, and includes attachments for hard-to-reach spots. Measuring at just 2.75 x 2.75 x 11.8 inches, the vehicle-sized vacuum brings serious suction power and is available in corded and cordless versions. The cordless version will run for 20 minutes on a full charge. A replaceable HEPA filter removes 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. For more information and to order, visit

One device, multiple functions

The TND Tablet 85 from Rand McNally is an 8-inch truck GPS and Android tablet in one. It uses truck-specific data – including current weather map overlays, updated traffic, and up-to-date fuel prices – and Wi-Fi connected services to create the optimal route. Driver support tools include mileage and fuel logs and the ability to create breadcrumb routes and an at-a-glance trip computer. You can also set warnings for speed limit changes, sharp curves, and more. A directional dashcam with loop recording and an integrated G sensor, which detects sudden changes in direction, allows the user to situate the angled lens to face them, with the offset lens providing an optimal camera view through the windshield. It also functions as an Android tablet and is ELD-ready. Visit or call 877-446-4863 for more information and to order.

On-the-road privacy for your computer

Do you ever work on your laptop in a truck stop or fast food restaurant to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi? If you do, sensitive work or personal documents are likely visible to others who happen to be standing or sitting nearby. The Alcove Mobile Laptop Privacy Workstation can help provide the privacy you need. Alcove is a portable case that unfolds to transform any space into a private workstation. Its patent-pending, noise-directing privacy panels allow you to see your screen while shielding it from the view of others. An optional rechargeable backlight also supports activities such as reading and writing in low-light conditions. Alcove is available in 13- and 15-inch sizes and comes in charcoal black or light gray. Visit for more information and to order.

Help when you need it most

Find Truck Service Inc. is a national directory of heavy duty service, parts and trucking-related locations that is specifically designed for owner-operators. The directory consists of thousands of quality and professional heavy duty service providers, saving you valuable time and money when you need it the most. Search and all other features are free to users. The free app is compatible with most Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. Find Truck Service is also the exclusive partner and service data provider of the DAT Trucker app, which means you can access all the service locations with limited details from the DAT Trucker apps as well. Access the free national search by downloading the Find Truck Service & Stops app from your phone’s app store or by visiting

Nip wheel bearing damage in the bud

SKF’s wheel end monitor is a warning system that helps track truck and trailer wheel bearing damage at an early stage, catching the potential for a bearing failure before it happens. The monitor is installed at the outboard side of the truck wheel rim, where it monitors vibration and changes. It then indicates its findings by flashing a green or red light. The SKF wheel end monitor is available for trailer axles and front axles to help increase safety, avoid unplanned downtime, reduce cost of ownership, and eliminate the need for preventive wheel bearing replacement. The application fits in already existing truck systems, so a change-over is not needed. Visit for more information and to locate a distributor.

Improve your field of vision

RoadPro’s WeatherAce all-weather, high-performance windshield wipers are designed to deliver the kind of performance professional truck drivers expect. The patented flex beam blade technology provides even pressure distribution across any windshield, which means your entire field of vision gets cleaned – no skips or gaps. Several smear-free, natural rubber blade edges ensure peak performance and extended blade life. An aerodynamically designed spoiler keeps the blades on your windshield and performing properly at any speed. WeatherAce blades also feature a pre-installed universal adapter for quick, easy installation. The blades are available in 10 sizes and can be found at most travel centers. For more information and to locate a retailer, visit or call 866-622-7979. LL


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