March-April 2020

Truckers are the solution

Lawmakers need to be listening to truck drivers when shaping policy.


OOIDA Lewie Pugh

Truckers ‘are the solution’

Truckers know the best way to improve highway safety, OOIDA Executive Vice President Lewie Pugh told lawmakers during a Senate hearing.

OOIDA trucking

OOIDA’s view of the trucking industry

In addition to OOIDA’s oral testimony, the Association also submitted 26 pages’ worth of written testimony regarding the state of the trucking industry.

camera monitoring system

A different way of seeing things

FMCSA approved an exemption request from Vision Systems North America to allow motor carriers to use the company’s Smart-Vision system instead of rearview mirrors.

auto transporter

Fight continues over auto transporter definition

OOIDA continues its fight to get FHWA to remove regulatory guidance regarding the definition of automobile transporters.

Infrastructure plan

OOIDA: Infrastructure plan shouldn’t single out truckers

OOIDA told lawmakers that federal highway infrastructure plans shouldn’t place a disproportionate burden on professional truckers.

driver training rule delay

FMCSA officially delays driver training rule

FMCSA’s decision to delay its entry-level driver training implementation appeared in the Federal Register on Feb. 4.


A new deal

President Donald Trump signed "NAFTA 2.0." With Mexico having done so already, all that remains is for Canada to ratify the agreement.

meal and rest breaks

FMCSA axes California break law for bus drivers

Meal and rest breaks for California bus drivers go too far, says the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

speed limits trend

Bills in seven states would alter speed limits

Attempts to change speed limits are a seemingly constant pursuit at statehouses around the country. This year is no different.

toll trend

Three states consider tolls, including some for trucks only

Efforts at statehouses around the country would tap tolls to cover costs for road and bridge upkeep.

left lane trend

Left lane law revisions under review coast to coast

Travel in the far left lane of highways is drawing attention at several statehouses.


Virginia lawmaker nixes truck GPS requirement

After hearing the concerns of professional drivers, a Virginia state lawmaker decides to drop his pursuit to require large trucks to be equipped with a truck-specific GPS.

fuel tax

OOIDA hopes to work with Missouri lawmaker on fuel tax

A Missouri bill to raise road revenue via the state’s fuel tax is moving forward. OOIDA has voiced concern about a disproportionate increase for diesel.

CA split speed limit

California bill to eliminate split speeds gains OOIDA support

One California state lawmaker has introduced a bill to do away with the nation’s largest speed limit differential for cars and trucks.

state watch

State Watch – March/April 2020

Legislatures throughout the country are in full swing, and issues that affect truckers’ daily business are on agendas.

Utah state tax reform

Utah tax reform, increased fuel costs rejected

Spurred by a citizen referendum, Utah state lawmakers reverse course on tax reform deal that included a transportation funding boost.

Pennsylvania Toll lawsuit, SCOTUS

Supreme Court opts not to hear OOIDA’s Pennsylvania toll lawsuit

The Supreme Court has decided not to hear OOIDA's lawsuit that claims Pennsylvania's tolls are unconstitutional, effectively ending the case.


Coordinated coercion?

A Tennessee trucker’s lawsuit against Amazon and one of its freight partners alleges he was coerced into violating hours of service in the lead-up to a crash.

The Parking Zone truck parking

The Parking Zone – March/April 2020

Does Walmart have a nationwide truck parking policy? Land Line reached out to Walmart and received some answers. Also, OOIDA addresses parking to Congress.

diabetic truckers insulin

United States, Canada end prohibition on insulin-using truckers

An agreement between the U.S. and Canada has been updated to green light insulin-using diabetic truckers to operate cross-border between the two countries.


‘Bridgegate’ defendants await U.S. Supreme Court ruling

Two officials who were found guilty of fraud in the “Bridgegate” scandal could have their convictions overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court after a hearing in January.

AB5 fight

The battle over AB5

The fight over California’s worker classification law could eventually make it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Truck to Success May 2020

Consider all the angles before becoming an owner-operator

OOIDA’s three-day intensive training Truck to Success course is for drivers ready to take their first steps toward becoming an owner-operator.

KAH Transportes

Mexican driver accuses Pennsylvania trucking company of human trafficking

A Mexican trucker filed a lawsuit against Pennsylvania-based KAH Transportes, alleging the company essentially hired him as an indentured servant.

UCR fees 2020

UCR fees finalized for 2020 registration year

Published in the Federal Register on Feb. 13, the FMCSA finalized the Unified Carrier Registration fees for the 2020 registration year.

Walmart Lawsuit verdict

Walmart challenges $55 million trucker wage lawsuit ruling

Walmart is asking a federal appeals court to rehear a California case that has awarded truckers nearly $55 million in lost wages.

transportation pocket guide

Want trucking-related stats? Check out the transportation pocket guide

The logistics industry thrives on numbers. Be up to date with the latest transportation-related numbers with the Pocket Guide to Transportation 2020.

March-April 2020

In This Issue:


Chuck Paar

A love for trucking

If he could only change one thing about trucking, OOIDA board member Chuck Paar says he'd eliminate the know-nothing bureaucrats.

Vietnam, U.S.S. Kirk

‘Never quit – until the job is done’

A trucker recalls the key role a U.S. ship played in rescuing thousands from South Vietnam. And what they learned: Never give up until the job is done.

Warpaint Chiefs Truck Robert Hardwick

‘Warpaint’ on the move

Meet “Warpaint” – a Kansas City Chiefs truck tricked out by diehard fan and OOIDA member Robert Hardwick.

Charles Jasewicz

OOIDA member helps motorist who was pinned under his vehicle

OOIDA member Charles Jasewicz helped a motorist who was pinned under his vehicle on Interstate 40 in New Mexico.

MATS 2020

MATS reaches 49th year

Annual concert features new location, format

Trucking in 1968

Trucking in 1968: Here are the keys

John Bendel recalls his first day on the job for Friedman’s Express, a New Jersey LTL carrier. Driver training wasn’t on the menu that day.

Jon Osburn, skipper of OOIDA's tour trailer, the Spirit of the American Trucker

OOIDA on the Road – March/April 2020

MATS is the destination in sight for The Spirit

Dave Sweetman, Dashboard Confidential

Missing ‘mom and pop’ truck stops

Thinking about the good old days when sit-down restaurants were a reality for truck drivers.

Consumer Electronics Show

Robots taking over at Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronics Show never fails to spark deep personal concerns about how much control we’re willing to give the robots.

spring trucking conditions

Strange Things & Filthy Lies – March/April 2020

Pointers for when the forecast calls for tornadoes and a chance of tumbleweeds

roses and razzberries

Roses and Razzberries – March/April 2020

Land Line’s Terry Scruton gives roses to an Illinois state trooper and razzberries to lawmakers in Wyoming.


Used Truck Glut

Used truck glut

A glut of used trucks has lowered prices, but prospective buyers should still make reliability a priority.

Used Truck

How to buy a used truck

In the market for a used truck? Here are some tips and provides some questions you should ask before making a purchase.

Mack MD

Mack is back in the medium-duty business

After exiting the medium-duty market nearly two decades ago, Mack Trucks is back with its new MD series Class 6 and Class 7 trucks.

truck products hot stuff and cool services

Hot Stuff and Cool Services – March/April 2020

From keeping your ride clean to protecting your laptop's privacy at restaurants and truck stops, "Hot Stuff & Cool Services" has you covered.


Mafia Secrets – March/April 2020

Willie Lewis of Cleburne, Texas, admittedly has been diagnosed with “truck fever.” And he has a Peterbilt to match.

Maintenance QA

Maintenance Q&A – March/April 2020

In this installment of Maintenance Q&A, Paul Abelson touches on new electric and alternative-fuel trucks.

Road Law

Road Law – March/April 2020

The latest edition of Road Law discusses what steps commercial driver license holders should take after being involved in a crash.

Tax Tips scams

Tax Tips – March/April 2020

Truckers’ questions regarding filing their income taxes this April are answered.