Election 2020

Do the research. Make your voice heard.

October 2020

Keith Goble


You cannot overstate the amount of attention that presidential elections generate. Every four years, voters throughout the United States weigh in on matters relevant to where they live and on most elected officials at the federal, state and local levels of government.

About 80% of the nearly 8,000 elected officials at the state and federal levels of government are up for grabs. Voters also will make decisions on issues closer to home.

No matter how much time you spend in your truck, it is basically impossible to avoid campaign messages attempting to mold your decisions. Candidates and causes pursue all avenues to influence your vote.

Additionally, there are a number of groups, friends, family and others who are more than willing to be your source for information about who and what is on your ballot.

Wading through all of the input from others makes the effort to research the issues and the people vying for your vote the surest route to avoid getting sidetracked and casting a ballot that you could regret.

To help guard against “voter’s remorse” with your voting decisions over time, do a little research – or find a trusted source to do most of the work for you. From there, you can make more informed decisions about who and what issues warrant your vote.

In this special section, you will find information on how to register, how to vote absentee or early, and how to take advantage of resources available to confidently make decisions. Information is also provided to help you stay on top of any absentee or mail-in voting rule changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in your home state. LL

 More voter resources and information in Land Line’s Election 2020 special section.


Keith Goble

Keith Goble has been covering trucking-related laws since 2000. His daily web reports, radio news and “OOIDA’s State Watch” in Land Line Magazine are the industry’s premier sources for information regarding state legislative affairs.