October 2020

A better way

OOIDA goes to bat for truck drivers during the 2020 Truck Safety Summit, encouraging measures that value drivers and actual driver training.


trucking safety summit

A better way

OOIDA goes to bat for truck drivers during the 2020 Truck Safety Summit, encouraging measures that value drivers and actual driver training.

sleeper berth

FMCSA poised to put new HOS rules into effect

As of press time in mid-September, the FMCSA was moving full steam ahead toward enacting its new hours-of-service rules on Sept. 29.

Wiley Deck

FMCSA undergoes another round of leadership changes

James “Wiley” Deck assumed leadership of the FMCSA on Aug. 31, becoming the third person to direct the agency in less than a year.


Additional flexibility?

FMCSA seeks comments on pilot program for HOS provision.

Trucker wearing mask

More crashes?

The push to allow under-21 drivers to operate in interstate commerce continues. In September, FMCSA announced plans for a pilot program.

Broker transparency

Broker transparency the goal of OOIDA petition

OOIDA’s petition to FMCSA regarding the need to address the lack of broker transparency led to a request for comments from the agency.

ELD self-certify

ELD self-certification under scrutiny

Recent research by OOIDA and an FBI bulletin put a spotlight on some of the concerns involving FMCSA allowing ELD providers to self-certify

FBI hacked

FBI bulletin: ELDs vulnerable to cybersecurity compromise

The FBI bulletin notes that the ELD mandate contains no cybersecurity or quality assurance requirements for suppliers of the devices


Hair raising

HHS releases federal hair testing guidelines, but a rulemaking would be required to adopt them.

Sen. Steve Daines

Coalition of lawmakers fight insurance increase

Sen. Steve Daines and several of his fellow lawmakers are showing their opposition for a plan to increase motor carriers’ insurance rates.

fuel tax

Can a per-mile fee replace the fuel tax in Florida?

The James Madison Institute released a report outlining how Florida can move to a VMT tax.

California Freight Mobility Plan

Many trucking issues addressed in California Freight Mobility Plan

Big changes in trucking may be on the horizon, according to recommended plans.

Gina Raimondo

Government privilege takes center stage in Rhode Island toll lawsuit

Gov. Gina Raimondo and two other state officials are trying to invoke government privilege in ATA’s truck-only toll lawsuit.

Carb Ninth Circuit

Ninth Circuit hears arguments for AB5 injunction

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit will decide whether an injunction blocking California’s AB5 on motor carriers should be kept in effect.

legislation, state watch, bills

State Watch – October 2020

The majority of state legislatures have wrapped up their work for this year. Here’s our early fall roundup of what governors signed into law in recent weeks and of other items still active.

The Parking Zone truck parking

Parking Zone – October 2020

The Truck Parking Safety Improvement Act is picking up steam, Northeast parking study results are in, Canadian parking news and more.

New Jersey Fuel Tax Rate

New Jersey fuel tax rate increases by nearly a dime

A 2016 New Jersey law is being cited for a fuel tax rate increase for gas and diesel resulting in a nearly 10-cent rate hike.

2020 elections guide

Election 2020

All of Land Line's comprehensive Election Guide 2020 coverage is in here.

IRS backlog 2290

IRS backlog may delay proof of 2290 payments

In August, the Internal Revenue Service sent a notice to states regarding enforcement of Form 2290 payments because of the pandemic.

FAST Act extension

Coalition, including OOIDA, pushes for FAST Act extension

A coalition, including OOIDA, asked Congress on Sept. 9 to extend the current surface transportation law. It was set to expire Sept. 30.


FMCSA acts as consumer reporting agency, OOIDA says

OOIDA says FMCSA acts as a consumer reporting agency subject to the FCRA when it reports personal driver information to third parties.

US DOT Freight Plan

U.S. DOT unveils long-term plan for moving nation’s freight

The U.S. Department of Transportation released its National Freight Strategic Plan for long-term investments in infrastructure.

October 2020

In This Issue:


OOIDA talk show 'Live From Exit 24", Truck to Success

Live from Grain Valley, it’s Wednesday

OOIDA brings a new talk show to truck drivers.

Monte Wiederhold

Representing essential workers

OOIDA board member featured at Republican National Convention.

Land Line Magazine

45 years of Land Line

On the 45th anniversary of Land Line Magazine, reality from the road remains the same. “We all do better when the person behind the wheel does better.”

truck shows

The shows must go on

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic continued through the summer, truck shows kept on whether in person or virtually.

Jerry and Kay Kissinger

‘This is for Kay’

Jerry Kissinger is a standard installation at the Waupun Truck-N-Show held for the 31st consecutive year this past August in Waupun, Wis.

Bill Mack, the Midnight Cowboy.

Remembering the ‘Midnight Cowboy’

Radio legend Bill Mack was an advocate for the trucking industry.

The Legend of Cisco

The legend of Cisco

In the days before deregulation, strong unions made it difficult or at times impossible to fire a driver, even one as shifty as Cisco.

Mafia Secrets October 2020

Mafia Secrets – October 2020

A trip back in time.

Jon Osburn, skipper of OOIDA's tour trailer, The Spirit

Look for The Spirit in the Northeast this fall

Jon Osburn, skipper of OOIDA’s tour trailer, plans a Northeast U.S. tour this fall, collecting driver feedback and discussing issues affecting truckers.

Strange Things and Filthy Lies

Strange Things & Filthy Lies – October 2020

Need extra money for Christmas? Start collecting lion poop now and beat the pesky holiday rush.

Dave Sweetman, Dashboard Confidential

Dashboard Confidential – October 2020

Good service worthy of a thank you.

Roses & Razzberries COVID-19

Roses & Razzberries – October 2020

A fresh bouquet of roses and a bushel of razzberries are being handed out for the good and bad in trucking.


Shift Into Success, Truck To Success, owner-operator

Get the info you need on becoming an owner-operator

A driver considering the jump to becoming an owner-operator needs to prepare by figuring out all the angles. OOIDA’s Truck to Success course can help.

Preparing for winter

Preparing for winter

Make sure you and your truck are ready for cold, ice and snow.

KC Scout, traffic cameras

Fight winter driving coercion with traffic cameras

Traffic cameras are an overlooked tool that can save truckers their freight and their lives.

freight rates Chain Laws 2020 winter weather

OOIDA Chain Law Roundup 2020

Tire chain laws for all 50 states.

Canada Tire Chain Laws

Canada tire chain laws

A comprehensive list of Canadian tire chain laws in all 10 provinces and three territories for commercial vehicles.

truck products hot stuff and cool services

Hot Stuff and Cool Services – October 2020

Tools, LED lights, muscle relief and a suspension upgrade to smooth out the rough spots in your ride.


Maintenance QA

Maintenance Q&A – October 2020

Getting trucks back on the road; cabin air filters

Road Law

Road Law – October 2020

October's edition of Road Law tackles drivers’ failures to respond or appear in court to resolve traffic violations and the problems that ensue.

Tax Tips scams

Tax Tips – October 2020

Discussing the importance of planning ahead for your taxes, it’s good to start with an income tax projection.