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Safety & Security

Study suggests younger motorists were driving factor in traffic fatalities drop

A TRB study found that a drop in traffic fatalities from 2008 to 2012 was the result of a recession, improved safety standards and stricter DUI laws.


California governor orders fuel tax revenue diversion from roads

California’s governor has ordered a fuel tax revenue diversion, taking billions for highways for projects to get drivers off the road instead.


TRACER reports 2007 Peterbilt stolen in Memphis, Tenn.

A $500 reward is offered through OOIDA’s TRACER Alert network for information on a 2007 Peterbilt with “Big Boi LLC’ on the doors, stolen in Memphis, Tenn.


Camera monitor systems a substitute for rearview mirrors?

NHTSA issued a notice for public comment regarding whether camera monitor systems would be a safe alternative to rearview mirrors.

Federal, OOIDA

Clearinghouse delay should be across the board, OOIDA says

OOIDA suggests delaying the CDL drug and alcohol clearinghouse for all industry stakeholders, not just states needing more time to comply.


Massachusetts governor testifies on his $18 billion transportation bond bill

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker testified today on his $18 billion transportation bond bill to invest in the state’s transportation system.

Crime & Courts, News

EEOC forces Transport America to accommodate service animals

The EEOC has settled a dispute between a trucker and Transport America after the company required him to pay a fee for his service animal.

Crime & Courts, News

$54M crash verdict upheld; driver’s extensive rap sheet cited

An Illinois appellate court upheld a multimillion dollar verdict in a truck crash lawsuit, citing the trucker’s driving history as justification.


Motor carriers, the solution to your problems is no big secret

In listing top trucking issues, motor carriers say they can’t keep drivers. Drivers say they’re not paid enough. Hmm. What could the solution possibly be?


Delaware bill says ‘stay to the right’

An effort underway in Delaware would revise the state’s left lane use rule to clarify that drivers must stay to the right. One provision singles out trucks.