Survey reveals what truckers want in a truck stop

April 18, 2024

Tyson Fisher


Results of a survey conducted by Trucker Path reveal that in addition to truck parking, truckers expect certain amenities when looking for a truck stop.

According to Trucker Path, more than 86% of survey respondents want abundant truck parking at truck stops. Truckers also want clean showers and restaurants. The top-desired truck stop amenities are:

  1. Abundant truck parking (86%)
  2. Clean showers (67.5%)
  3. On-site restaurant (47%)
  4. Healthy/fresh food selection (41%)
  5. 24/7 truck maintenance services (29%)
  6. High-speed diesel pumps (27%)
  7. Wi-Fi (22%)
  8. Laundry (20%)
  9. Driver lounge area (15%)
  10. Pet friendly (13.5%)

Trucker Path’s survey highlights the need for more private-sector investment in truck parking. Publicly funded truck parking facilities usually come in the form of rest areas, which lack most of the amenities truckers desire. However, private investors oftentimes find themselves on the losing end of a battle with city councils and residents.

The dichotomy between the need for more truck parking and public perception at the local level was discussed during the latest National Coalition on Truck Parking meeting. Alison Nealon, associate transportation planner at Caltrans, pointed out the NIMBY problem that often arises when a parking project is proposed. Tiffany Wlazlowski Neuman, vice president of public affairs for the National Association of Truck Stop Operators, said that local zoning laws are one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to creating new truck parking facilities. She noted that a California member has been trying to rezone a piece of property for parking for over a decade.

Watch the latest Parking Zone segment, which discusses local truck parking ordinances across the nation:

There are plenty of examples of municipalities giving the green light to truck parking facilities. However, many of those projects are for parking only.

In Greenfield, Ind., the city council approved a gated lot housing 240 truck parking spaces with no other amenities. Even that proposal was met with resistance.

ConTrade Holdings has an ambitious plan to add 45,000 truck parking spaces across the nation. The company plans to build 100 gated facilities, with each facility including hundreds of parking spaces. In addition to parking, the facilities will offer Wi-Fi, showers and television lounges. Although that checks off the top two truck stop amenities, truckers will need to go elsewhere for food, fuel and maintenance. Also, parking will not be free.

At the state level, governments are making strides in addressing the national truck parking crisis thanks to an increase in federal funding. However, federal law prohibits commercial services at rest areas. Additionally, rest areas typically include relatively few truck parking spaces compared to truck stops. According to a Jason’s Law Survey, there are 7.63 private truck stop parking spaces for each public rest area space. LL