Hot Stuff & Cool Services – December 2019

December 2019/January 2020

Land Line Staff


Cold coffee? Scalded tongue?

The Cauldryn smart mug has you covered. Simply select your temperature of choice between room temperature and boiling, and Cauldryn will keep it there all day. The mug’s powerful heating element also allows you to brew coffee, heat soup, cook and even boil right in the bottle. The Cauldryn features a 10-hour battery life, easy-to-read LCD display, and simple controls on both the mug and the free app to make controlling the temperature of your beverage easy. In addition, the app features one-touch settings for common tasks like brewing tea or cooking freeze dried food. The mug comes complete with a spill-proof lid, heating element, battery, desktop power coaster and charging cable. An optional vehicle base also is available to power it from your 12-volt outlets. Visit or call 844-827-1264 for more information and to order.

Avoid check engine light panic

PACLink from Paccar ITD provides you with the information you need to diagnose problems with your rig, such as fault code information, live vehicle gauges and more. A wireless adaptor that connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth, PACLink simply plugs in to your truck’s diagnostic port and connects to any mobile device with the PACLink app. In a remote location? Not a problem. No Wi-Fi is necessary. Whether you are an owner-operator, fleet owner, roadside assistant or maintenance manager, it is the tool you need to avoid check engine light panic. PACLink is made for Android and iOS and will read all makes/models of Class 5-8 trucks 2004 and newer. For more information and to order, visit

25 tools in one

The MultiGrip keychain multitool from Disc Brand Co. features over 25 tools yet weighs a mere 1.1 ounces and measures a compact 3.7 x 1.3 x 0.16 inches. TSA-compliant and forged from durable SUS 304 stainless steel, MultiGrip incorporates a mini saw, keyring holder, scraper, bottle opener, ruler, medium flat-head driver, wire stripper, bike spoke wrench and a quarter-inch hex driver. The multiscrewdriver tip fits a No. 2 or 3 slotted, No. 2 square drive, No. 2 or 3 Phillips, and No. 2 or 3 combinations (Phillips/slotted or Phillips/square) screw all in one bit. The wrench fits 5/16- (8 mm), 3/8- (10 mm), 7/16- (11 mm) and half-inch (13 mm) hex sizes. MultiGrip comes with a two-year manufacturing warranty. Visit for more information and to order.

The safer way to find your way

With suction cup windshield mounts becoming illegal in most states, drivers need alternate solutions for mounting their GPS or mobile phone while on the road. SafeVuu from Go-Vuu LLC is a universal mount that attaches directly to your steering wheel, allowing you to keep your phone more easily accessible while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. The mount is designed to keep your phone in a vertical position even when the steering wheel is turning, making it easier for you to view your GPS or talk on your speaker phone hands-free. Visit or call 404-844-6865 for more information and to order.

Trick out your ride

Optronics now offers branded LED lighting that can incorporate a manufacturer, carrier or product logo into stop, tail and turn lamps using GloLight optics technology. The new lamp’s traditional LED-style lens pattern surrounds the logo graphic in the middle of the lamp. The logo portion of the lamp illuminates in both red and white or a combination of both when operating in its standard function as a tail lamp. When the lamp’s turn signal or brake functions are in operation, all portions of the LED lamp brighten. Lens striations can also be used to achieve unique and complementary visual effects. For more information, visit or call 800-364-5483.

TailGuard sees what you can’t

TailGuard from WABCO Holdings is a rear blind spot detection system with active braking (when paired with WABCO Roll Stability Support) that is designed to mitigate rear collisions. Automatically activated when the driver shifts into reverse, the system monitors stationary and moving objects behind the vehicle, such as pedestrians, vehicles, cargo and infrastructure. Using up to six ultrasonic sensors mounted to the trailer, the system monitors an approximate 6-foot radius and activates if the brakes are not applied within 2 feet or more of the object. TailGuard works with WABCO OptiLink in the truck cab to display the distance to objects behind the trailer and sounds an alert when the trailer comes within the 50-200 cm pre-programmed distance of an object. For more information, visit or call 248-260-9032. LL