Jami Jones

Managing Editor

Jami has been in journalism since 1991. Focused on the trucking industry since 2000, she’s been covering trucking as long as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been around. Nearing on two decades of trucking journalism experience, she’s been around the block on key issues in trucking with a history lesson on why we’re where we are for anyone who will listen. But, no matter whether she’s judging Shell SuperRigs or writing hard-hitting analyses, she directs the editorial content for Land Line Magazine from lug nuts to legislation – always with the trucker in mind.

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alarm clock, split sleeper berth

Split sleeper berth time, what does it look like?

Among the changes proposed to the HOS regs is the return of the ability to split sleeper berth time. What does the change look like in real life?

car hauler

It’s Bristol, baby, and car haulers brought the show

Race roadies run, wrench, babysit. NASCAR fans may not see how instrumental truckers are to a race, but drivers like Clint Bowyer and NASCAR officials do.

Breaking the code on rest breaks in HOS proposal

How do the proposed changes for rest breaks work in the grand scheme of HOS? There’s a proposal to give truck drivers flexibility when they want to take rest breaks. But, just how will those breaks work in the grand scheme of HOS?