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John Bendel

Contributing Editor-At-Large

John Bendel is Land Line’s contributing editor-at-large. A former trucker, former editor at National Lampoon, and longtime truck writer, John is an author, photographer, and freelancer for New York Times. There’s more, but in short, his insight and matchless style of writing makes “Gizmos and Gears” a runaway reader favorite, second only to his blogs.

Peloton Technologies trucks

Will the first driverless trucks be in platoons? Consider Peloton

Peloton Technology has punctured the myth that new trucking tech like platooning and autonomous trucks are about anything other than replacing drivers.

Cartoon, unionizing, employeein a vise

How I became a union organizer for drivers at 21

A wage and hour dispute between drivers and a New Jersey motor carrier has Land Line Contributing Editor John Bendel reminiscing about his attempt to be a union organizer for drivers in the Garden State decades ago.

Watch out UpdEx

They’ve been predicting it for a while. Now it has happened. Amazon is officially a logistics company – a truckload broker, to be specific. OK, that’s not exactly what trucking experts predicted.