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U.S. chain law roundup 2019

Winter is just around the corner. Do you know which states require chains? Be prepared before you roll out with Land Line’s annual U.S. Chain Law round up.


I hate it when the Jake Brake wrinkles my dress

  How many times during a working day do each of us hear the word “safety” thrown around? It’s a six-letter word that dictates every aspect of every minute in every day a driver works. If you want to force someone to do something they don’t want to do, just mention their “safety.” It’s a […]


The Spirit heads to West Memphis, Ark., and Jon smells the barbecue

Jon Osburn, skipper of the OOIDA touring tractor-trailer The Spirit of the American Trucker, enjoys talking to truckers everywhere, and that is great all by itself, but the trip to his next stop also holds the salivating prospects of good barbecue. The Spirit is scheduled to be at Jerry Fritts Jr. West Memphis, Ark., Petro […]

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Administrative error severely reduces amount each class member will receive in Caterpillar lawsuit

Even after winning a large class action lawsuit against Caterpillar for its failed C13 and C15 engines, class members eventually walked away with significantly less than expected. An administrative error underestimated the number of claims, drastically reducing the amount of money each class member will receive in the $60 million settlement. Epiq Class Actions & […]


Oklahoma lawmakers near passage of truck rule changes

Multiple bills moving through the Oklahoma statehouse address truck size and weight rules. The Senate voted 43-1 to advance one bill to shift responsibility for enforcing truck regulations in the state. Sponsored by Sen. Mark Allen, R-Spiro, SB1380 would transfer truck enforcement oversight from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. […]

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Trucking companies agree to pay $9.25 million to end California class action

Three trucking companies have agreed to pay a total of $9.25 million to settle a class action lawsuit that claimed hundreds of California truck drivers were misclassified as independent contractors. The proposed agreement with Roadrunner Intermodal Services, Central Cal Transportation, and Morgan Southern was filed April 16 in the U.S. District Court of Eastern California. […]

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Judge tosses lawsuit accusing trucking company of age/disability discrimination

A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit against Michigan trucking company FCA Transport, which was accused of firing an employee of nearly 40 years because of his age and disability. FCA Transport argued they let the employee go because of his behavior towards colleagues. In a lawsuit filed in February 2017, the former employee […]

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OOIDA recognizes drivers for safe driving records

OOIDA recently announced honorees in the Association’s Safe Driving Award program. These drivers have been recognized by the Association for truck driving excellence. Ed L. Bryant of Albuquerque, N.M., has been recognized for 52 years of safe, accident-free driving. Steen Gronlund of Longmont, Colo., has been recognized for 48 years of safe, accident-free driving. Gene […]


Minnesota bill allows voters to secure transportation money

Funding needed to help cover costs for transportation work in Minnesota could get a shot in the arm during the fall election. The Senate Transportation Finance and Policy Committee voted 8-7 to advance a bill to earmark vehicle-related sales tax for state and local roads and bridges. Everything from oil changes to vehicle rentals would […]

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Collection of Rhode Island truck tolls delayed until end of May

Truckers traveling through Rhode Island may have noticed they are still driving toll free. That is because the collection of truck-only tolls has been further delayed until the end of May at the earliest. Sparing truckers from the controversial truck-only tolls a bit longer. On April 12, Rhode Island Department of Transportation Director Peter Alviti […]


Mississippi CDL examiners indicted for issuing fraudulent skills test score sheets

Two third-party Mississippi CDL examiners were indicted in March for their role in a scheme that granted applicants a passed skills test despite never taking the test. A jury trial is set for May. For a two-year period from August 2014 to September 2016 in Hinds County, Miss., Robert Anthony Davis and Benjamin James McGriggs, […]