Hot Stuff and Cool Services – June 2019

June 2019

Land Line Staff


What tires need

Your tires are critical in ensuring optimal performance and safety. PressurePro’s Pulse FX tire pressure monitoring system is the first tire-pressure monitoring system using your own device built for towables and commercial vehicles. It delivers real-time tire performance data to a smart device and backend software. The system installs in minutes. It arms drivers with comprehensive tire maintenance control and capabilities. Features include fully configurable layouts/alerts; unit naming/storage; real-time pressure and temperature monitoring; instant alerts via a smart device; easy auto pairing; 40 plus tire capacity and 8-200 PSI capability; and fast leak alert. PressurePro Pulse FX helps you maintain proper tire pressure for improved fuel economy. It also reduces tire repair and maintenance costs, extends tire life, and enables better handling and braking. For more information and to locate a dealer, visit or call 816-887-3505.

Easy oil change

The EZ Oil Drain Valve makes it easy for you to drain your engine oil without tools or mess. The design allows a straight flow for fast draining and is double sealed for guaranteed leakproof operation. Just lift the lever of the valve and give it a quarter turn to open. To close, return the lever to its original locked position. It also makes drawing oil samples for analysis convenient because the engine can be left running. The valve is made of corrosion-resistant forged brass and stainless steel, and it is nickel-plated for additional protection from the elements. The EZ Oil Drain Valve can be configured with optional removable hose ends that can be left on or removed when not needed. For more information and to locate a dealer, visit or call 425-999-1200.

Perfect temp from start to finish

Thero is a new 12-ounce temperature-controlled travel mug that cools scalding hot coffee down to an ideal 140 degrees Fahrenheit in under two minutes, keeping it there for up to five hours. Phase change material sealed inside double-walled stainless steel quickly absorbs heat from the coffee and slowly releases it back to maintain the ideal temperature. The BPA-free polypropylene lid is spill- and leak-proof and has a 20-degree slope for easier, one-handed sipping. The body is made of 18/8 304 stainless steel and non-toxic space-grade insulation. Simply fill it with your favorite hot beverage, wait for two minutes, shake the mug, and drink. Not a coffee drinker? Thero will also maintain the temperature of cold beverages for up to 10 hours. For more information and to order, visit

Transforming personal security

The PepperBall LifeLite is a personal security device designed to go wherever you go, protecting against outside threats with a potent force that complies with most corporate policies. It is a PepperBall launcher, flashlight and laser guide all in one. LifeLite can be carried in plain sight yet is completely undetectable. Unlike other nonlethal protection devices that require you to be in close proximity to a dangerous situation,

LifeLite allows you to defend yourself from

a safe distance using the laser sight. Upon impact, the PepperBall round bursts to create a 12-foot cloud of pepper irritant that rapidly disperses into the air. Within seconds, the saturation area extends in all directions around the point of impact. Just striking the ground in close proximity to your target is often enough to diffuse a threat. Visit or call 888-874-3491 for more information and to order.

Increased efficiency for leased trailers

The Fastrack Lift-A-Deck II Conversion Track from Ancra Cargo is a single track decking system designed for nonpermanent installation, which makes it ideal for use in leased trailers. Deck heights can be customized to accommodate loads of different sizes. Lift-A-Deck II beams can be inserted where needed, increasing load average and reducing damage claims by avoiding double stacking of freight. The 78-inch beveled single-track assembly installs into vertical logistics post slots. Brackets are spaced every 12 inches to mount to standard vertical E/A slots on 4-inch or 6-inch centers. A socket head screw beam stop is included at the top of the conversion track and a quarter-inch 20 socket head cap screw keeps the track secured into the logistics post. Visit or call 800-233-5138 for more information and to order.

Take control

Intelli-Fob from Riverside is a keyless entry and ignition system for commercial vehicles that allows the driver to have full electrical control of all compartments and doors. The system includes a control module, antenna and electronic transponder. It unlocks your vehicle using either the IR proximity sensor or push button switch. It also features a multiple-zone localization that can detect the location of the Intelli-Fob inside and outside of vehicle, a three-zone security alarm, and a “limp-home” mode that allows entry and start/stop of vehicle even when the Intelli-Fob battery is dead. AES128 encryption is required for entry and start. Intelli-Fob is USB programmable and can accommodate the pairing of up to eight fobs to a single module. Visit or call 260-637-4470 for more information and to locate a distributor.