Mafia Secrets – Advice from the Boss Man

December 2018/January 2019

Bryan Martin


Platinum consistently delivers service with style

Victor Tomas, owner and founder of Platinum Enterprises, is the proud papa of this incredibly sharp 2001 Peterbilt. You know what folks say – “black and chrome is always a winning look.” Well, I must say that it’s true.Platinum Enterprises

This 379 was born with 320 inches of wheelbase and has some powerful specs that are the envy of a lot of truckers: 6NZ 550 hp CAT, 18 speed and 3.36 rear axle ratio. The black lilac pearl paint works great on not only the cab-hood-sleeper, but the fuel tanks, sun visor and rear fenders as well.

Many neat “tricks” adorn the rig: a 21-inch tapered Valley Chrome bumper, stainless steel CSM battery boxes, WTI rear full fenders, a horizontal billet grille, strapless air cleaners, nine cab lights, headlights with shaved turn signals, extra-tall monster stacks with Pickett elbows, four tank straps per fuel tank, and a car-hauler steer axle featuring a genuine Pickett front air ride kit.

The rig looks as good leaving as it does coming, as the custom rear T bar and the aluminum Holland fifth wheel help keep the rear profile looking spot-on.

Victor has grown Platinum to a 20-plus vehicle fleet with the help of a great team of drivers, owner-ops, and a dispatch and office crew that makes things happen. They move all sorts of low-bed freight, but focus on moving all types of rolling equipment with roll back trucks, Landoll hydraulic tilt trailers, Cozad air-tail trailers and several lifts, cranes, ramps and such to support the type of cargo they specialize in.

From buses, to military equipment, control stations, sea containers, collectibles, test vehicles and more, they get involved in moving some unique and rare pieces of equipment. Based out of Riverside, Calif., they primarily stay in the western third of the United States with daily loads in and out of Las Vegas. Tomas has the ability to do load shifts and load transfer operations due to the variety of equipment that Platinum can access.Platinum Enterprises

Like most of us in the industry, Platinum has seen steady growth the past several years but especially throughout this past year and has been more or less covered up more days than not.

Once again, Vic attributes much of the company’s success to the great group of individuals that make up the Platinum family and keeping a positive perspective on business.

When asked what advice he would give to a newbie owner-operator, Tomas said, “Dedication and attention to details are definitely a requirement to land and retain customers. Being reliable and, whether it’s a weekday or weekend, being willing to go the extra mile for customers.

“Taking pride in your ride is a must-do. Your rig is your calling card and makes a statement about your operating habits. Keep it clean, well maintained and looking your best. Contrary to popular opinion, customers take notice and remember things like that.”

Although recent CARB requirements minimize the opportunities Victor has to operate this fantastic Pete 379, this is his personal rig that he made most of the design and accessory design decisions on, so – right after his beautiful daughter Kennedy – let’s just say it has a special place in his heart, this 17-year-old truck is like his adopted kid.

Can’t blame him, as this cool ride is most definitely made up of all the right stuff. LL