Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas issue emergency orders

February 4, 2022

SJ Munoz


It’s been a rough week of winter weather.

Snow, ice, subzero temperatures – you name it.

These wintry conditions have resulted in three more states declaring emergencies.


A winter weather order, signed on Feb. 3, declared a state of emergency not to exceed 30 days.

This declaration provides relief from FMCSA regulations for commercial vehicles hauling a range of supplies including, heavy equipment, medical equipment, fuel and livestock to name a few.

The state has a backlog of deliveries by commercial vehicles due to dangerous road conditions caused by freezing rain, sleet, snow and ice, said the order.


All 77 counties in the state were covered by the winter weather declaration ordered on Feb. 3 in Oklahoma.

The requirements for size and weight permits, cost/fees of overweight permits, requirements for licensing and registration and requirements under Parts 390-399 of FMCSA regulations are waived through Feb. 7, when the order is set to expire.

Under this order, commercial drivers are required to spend a minimum of eight hours in the sleeper berth within a 24-hour period. The duration of each time spent in the sleeper berth within 24 hours is at the discretion of the driver.


Motor carriers providing direct assistance for disaster relief in Texas will be exempt from Title 49, CFR, Part 395.3 of the FMCSA regulations through Feb. 7.

This includes, but is not limited to, power grid repairs and the delivery of groceries, fuel, propane and other essential products, the order stated.

The Oklahoma and Texas orders state that motor carriers that have an out-of-service order in effect cannot take advantage of these exemptions. LL