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A coronavirus timeline: How we got here

Land Line Media provides a timeline of the events related to the coronavirus dating back to Dec. 31, when the first reports came out of China.


Laredo order mandating covering of nose, mouth applies to truckers

Laredo, Texas is one of the first in the country to mandate that everyone – including truckers – cover their nose and mouth when in public.


OOIDA’s tour trailer heads to New Paris, Ohio

Next, OOIDA’s tour trailer stops in New Paris, Ohio, where skipper Jon Osburn wants to hear from drivers and share updates from OOIDA HQ with them.


Small-town kindness continues to highlight good news from the road

Here are two communities expressing thanks to truck drivers and welcoming them to their community. It is some more good news to bask in for drivers.

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Rates crest as truckers ride an up-and-down market, DAT reports

Rising truckload rates seem to be cresting, DAT Solutions reports. Are they on the edge of a precipice or mildly adjusting? The Magic 8-Ball is unclear.


More than a dozen states make changes to absentee voting

Concern about voters safely being able to fill out ballots for upcoming elections has spurred states all over the map to simplify absentee voting rules.

Crime & Courts

Class action predatory towing lawsuit against Chicago will proceed

Predatory towing is not just a trucking problem. A towing lawsuit against the city of Chicago filed by passenger drivers will proceed on seven of 10 counts.


Minnesota McDonald’s has a big truck drive-thru

You won’t need curb service at the Chisholm, Minn., McDonald’s location, but you can get it using the app at other McDonald’s locations.


DeFazio pushes for infrastructure plan as next phase of relief

Rep. Peter DeFazio, who referred to truck drivers as heroes, pushed for an investment in the nation’s infrastructure as the next phase of COVID-19 relief.

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Senators want to delay implementation of USMCA amid COVID-19

The USMCA agreement was supposed to be implemented June 1. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, though, 19 senators are pushing to delay the trade pact.


OOIDA extends its ‘no truck show’ membership special through April

The ‘no truck show’ membership special that OOIDA offered when the Mid-America Trucking Show was canceled in mid-March has been extended through the end of April.