OOIDA tears into another lawmaker’s attack on truck drivers

July 21, 2021

Scott Thompson


Another month, another politician taking potshots at professional truck drivers. This time, it’s Rep. Matt Cartwright, D-Pa., who has truckers in his sights.

The congressman’s remarks came during the House Committee on Appropriations markup of the Transportation Housing and Urban Development appropriations bill for fiscal year 2022 on Friday, July 16.

During the markup, Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, R-Pa., offered up an amendment that would have prevented new tolls on any roads or bridges in the state of Pennsylvania that receive federal funds, including Interstate 80.

When it was Rep. Cartwright’s turn to speak, he didn’t just voice his opposition.

He took off in an entirely different direction, as you’ll hear, essentially throwing up yet another middle finger to professional truck drivers.

His comments drew immediate criticism from the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, especially from OOIDA Executive Vice President Lewie Pugh, who has made countless trips through and deliveries to Pennsylvania.

In the video below, we pick things up with Cartwright thanking Rep. Mario Diaz-Balert, R-Fla., who said it was imperative that Pennsylvania’s representatives be heard since this was a Pennsylvania-centric amendment.

After each series of outrageous remarks made by Cartwright, often patently false, Pugh eviscerates Cartwright’s claims.

Grab a snack or drink, and kick back and enjoy the show.



No friend to trucker drivers

Rep. Cartwright isn’t just singling out truckers. He’s slapping them in the face.
For those who have followed Rep. Cartwright’s career, the comments weren’t a surprise.

He has, in the past, sponsored efforts to raise minimum insurance requirements for truck drivers.

He’s also what some might call a walking conflict of interest.

An attorney by trade, Rep. Cartwright is a former partner in Munley, Munley and Cartwright, P.C., which made who-knows-how-much money seeking out clients who wanted to sue trucking companies.

Some of the websites controlled by the firm included Pennsylvania Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyers, Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyers, and Tractor Trailer Attorneys.

Rep. Cartwright is no longer contributing directly to the Munley law firm but continues to receive income from the firm through interest from his profit sharing account with the law firm, funded from the those big verdicts against trucking companies years ago.

So what is there to do?

With regard to Rep. Cartwright, if you have a phone, you have an option.

OOIDA put out a call to action on Monday, July 19, in direct response to the congressman’s comments about truckers.

It went out to 6,900 members in Pennsylvania, letting them know about the comments and encouraging them to contact his office to set him straight.

Changing Cartwright’s mind may not be possible anymore – but it is possible to give him a piece of yours. LL