Mark Reddig

Land Line Now Host

Mark H. Reddig first came to OOIDA in November of 2002 as a writer and editor at the association’s publication, Land Line Magazine. A winner of several national awards for his work at the magazine, Reddig is a veteran journalist and member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Kansas City Press Club. He previously served as an editor for several local newspapers in Kansas and Missouri and was editor of a Web site that covered the telecommunications industry. He grew up with connections to the trucking industry: As a teenager, he worked part-time for his father, who operated truck tire centers for Firestone Tire and Rubber Co.; members of his extended family worked for White Truck.

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Mark Reddig
FMCSA split sleeper personal conveyance

‘Can I use personal conveyance to drive home’ and other rumors

Many truckers have asked “Can I use personal conveyance to drive home?” We’ll clarify that and other rumors running rampant in trucking now.

waiting at the dock to unload detention time

An 11-day wait to unload

How long is too long when you’re waiting at the dock to unload? An OOIDA senior member was forced to wait 11 days. We have the story.

PRO Act passes House

PRO Act: A mess in the making?

Efforts like the PRO Act that try to define who is an independent contractor continue at the federal level – we’ll explain where they stand.