May 2023

Broken System?

Truckers tell feds to correct broker problems through transparency.



Broken System?

The battle between truckers and brokers is an old one. But the issue built momentum in 2020 and appears headed to some sort of resolution.


Autonomous trucks not the cure-all some suggest, OOIDA says

OOIDA reminded the FMCSA to consider that autonomous vehicles could drastically change the trucking industry and its workforce.

truck parking

Truck parking bills reintroduced in House and Senate

The Truck Parking Safety Improvement Act is back in Congress. Will this latest attempt be the final stop?


EPA mandate hits small businesses the hardest, opponents say

The EPA’s stringent emission mandate for heavy-duty trucks took effect on March 27. However, opponents are still fighting to overturn the rule.


An SMS makeover?

FMCSA wants significant changes made to its Safety Measurement System. Motor carriers can take the new SMS for a spin.

move over sign

States make progress to expand ‘move-over’ rules

Bills in statehouses across the country call for move-over protection revisions to apply to highway users that include truckers.

legislation, state watch, bills

State Watch – May 2023

This month’s edition of State Watch takes a look at various transportation bills in 15 statehouses around the country.

price gouging

Statehouse proposals pursue price-gouging protections

State lawmakers in states around the country push to address concern about price gouging for goods and services that include fuel.

truck platooning

Truck platooning rule changes debated at statehouses

State lawmakers across the country are making strides to revise rules that cover driver-assistive truck platooning technology.

truck-only tolls

Fight over Rhode Island tolls heats up

Rhode Island is working to appeal a court’s ruling which ended the state’s truck-only tolls. Find out why one international organization is joining the fight.

heavy trucks

Georgia lawmakers approve heavy truck bill

A Georgia bill that would allow certain 88,000-pound trucks on roadways around the state cleared the legislature to move to the governor.

Truck Parking Zone

The Truck Parking Zone – May 2023

This edition of The Parking Zone includes MoDOT adding more truck parking spaces, a former trucker turned truck stop owner and more.


Take two

FMCSA will soon attempt to conduct another study of large truck crashes. OOIDA warns the agency to not repeat its mistakes.


Truth-in-leasing lawsuit ends with $3.35M settlement

A class of nearly 1,000 truck drivers accepted a $3.35 million settlement in a truth-in-leasing lawsuit with C&K Trucking.

nuclear verdicts

Going nuclear

Nuclear verdicts within the trucking industry have been increasing, but there are ways to soften the blow delivered by a jury.

nuclear verdicts

Lawmakers rally in three states to limit jury verdicts

State lawmakers in Iowa, Florida and Georgia are addressing limits on jury awards to protect against nuclear verdicts.


H-2B application denied

The Department of Labor has denied I Transport’s application for temporary alien labor certification under the H-2B nonimmigrant program.

Driver compensation

FMCSA offers updates on compensation studies, Clearinghouse

With thousands of truckers in attendance, FMCSA used MATS as an opportunity to update truckers on some of the agency’s recent efforts.

autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicle exemption should be denied, OOIDA says

Autonomous vehicle manufacturers are asking for an exemption from the FMCSA. OOIDA tells the agency the exemption is a bad idea.


UCR proposal reduces fees for 2024

FMCSA has proposed UCR fees for 2024 that would be about 9% less than in 2023. UCR is an annual permit that most motor carriers must pay.

May 2023

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Ask truckers how to improve safety

The best way to improve safety on America’s highways is to start by asking the nation’s truck drivers what they think.

Tyson Fisher; truck parking

Add more truck parking? Sure, just NIMBY

A new survey reveals what the trucking industry has known for years: Most Americans are oblivious to the truck parking crisis.



Proud to be a member

Land Line recently spoke with several OOIDA members about why they joined the Association and why other truckers should do the same.


A time to celebrate

Tens of thousands of truckers attended the 2023 Mid-America Trucking Show. It also included a celebration of OOIDA’s 50th anniversary.

Candy Bass; trucking

How sweet it is

For one OOIDA life member, the 2023 Mid-America Trucking Show will be one to remember. Find out what made the event so memorable.

citizen drivers; trucking

Two of a kind

A pair of OOIDA members recently received the TA Citizen Driver award. Find out who got the trucking honor and why.

Goodyear Highway Hero

‘Selfless and courageous’

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has named Andrew Waits of Tacoma, Wash., as the 2022 recipient of its Highway Hero Award.


Passing the torch

After 16 years, the leadership of the Women in Trucking Association is changing. Find out who is taking over and what’s next for the group.


Yep, that’s a kangaroo

A kangaroo isn’t something you often see in a semitruck, but that’s exactly what you’ll see if you cross paths with trucker Kenny Lovett.

TCA Highway Angel

Without hesitation

Zach Yeakley, a driver for Joplin, Mo.-based CFI, was selected as the winner of TCA’s Highway Angel of the Year award for 2022.

truck show

Truck show season is here

With three trucks shows scheduled in June, trucking enthusiasts will have their calendars full. Here’s the details on all the events.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and the future of trucking

ChatGPT might not be trustworthy, but it points to the future of artificial intelligence, and it is likely to rock the trucking industry.


Mafia Secrets – May 2023

You never have to look far for good looking trucks caught on the lot at 4 State Trucks home of the Chrome Shop Mafia in Joplin, Mo.

thankful, OOIDA, tour trailer

OOIDA on the road – May 2023

A brand-new Western Star 57X is the new ride for Marty Ellis pulling the OOIDA tour trailer across the U.S. Stop and get a look at her.

Low clearance bridge sign

Low-clearance adventures

John Bendel recalls his days as a truck driving pro and how he knew he would never hit a bridge. Or, at least, that’s what he thought.

Slight detour

Slight Detour – May 2023

Life on the open road provides the opportunity to see things others wouldn’t normally see. This edition of Slight Detour gives some examples.

trucking history

Trucking History – May 2023

This edition of Trucking History includes a famous song, OOIDA's expansion, a famous movie and OOIDA hits a milestone.

roses and razzberries

Roses and Razzberries – May 2023

ROSES to this year’s MATS Wall of Fame inductees and a Wyoming DOT snow plow driver. RAZZBERRIES for violations issued via camera.


Truck To Success

Truck to Success offers many routes

OOIDA’s Truck to Success course will be offered this October in Blue Springs, Mo. For those who can’t attend, there’s also a video option.


Making the smart choice

OOIDA hosted an educational session on dealing with brokers during the 2023 Mid-America Trucking Show. Here were the big takeaways.


A century’s worth of Kenworth

Kenworth marks 100 years in 2023. Two special-edition trucks its W900 and T680 sleeper-cab highway tractor are part of the celebration.

Operating costs

The cost of not knowing

Knowing your operating costs can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful owner-operator, an OOIDA survey reveals.

Technology & Maintenance Council

An exhibition of technology

Annually, the Technology and Maintenance Council holds a meeting to highlight the products that aim to maximize a motor carrier’s performance.

International Roadcheck

Maintenance Q&A – May 2023

International Roadcheck is a joint effort to perform an increased volume of inspections with a focus on a specific area of commercial vehicles.

Trucking and Taxes, Trucking & Taxes, per diem

Trucking & Taxes – May 2023

This edition of Trucking & Taxes discusses what can lead to problems with the IRS and what can be done about it when that happens.

Road law

Road Law – May 2023

This month’s edition of Road Law reminds truck drivers that, yes, driving history matters, but for how long?