OOIDA on the road – August/September 2019

Heading into the Midwest, a top topic of discussion is detention time

August-September 2019

Land Line Staff


For much of September, Jon Osburn is scheduled to guide the Spirit of the American Trucker to stops in the Midwest.

Osburn is looking forward to being at the Big Iron Classic Truck Show on Sept. 6-7 in Kasson, Minn., and Drivers Appreciation Days on Sept. 11 at the Clearwater, Minn., Petro, among other stops.

At his late summer stops in the Rockies and Pacific Northwest, Osburn says professional drivers had lots of input and questions on the topic of detention time. It also is a big issue with OOIDA.

When OOIDA President Todd Spencer testified to a House of Representatives subcommittee hearing about the state of trucking in America, detention time was one of the issues he explained to legislators. It is one of the ways that the trucking industry is broken, he said.

Many truck drivers spend hours every week waiting to be loaded or unloaded while receiving no compensation for that time, he said.

“It means that driver workweeks are always going to be 70-80 hours and sometimes more. They are not always working all of those hours, but their time is being controlled by others,” Spencer said. “The biggest bandits are shippers and receivers, and I should point out that some of them actually have the gall to charge drivers for late deliveries.”

The problem is that shippers and receivers aren’t regulated like the truck driver, Spencer said. That means they can abuse the federal motor carrier safety regulatory code with impunity.

It is one of several key issues that OOIDA staff is educating lawmakers about.

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