Class pays – and a little better in aero style

October 2018

Bryan "Boss Man" Martin


OK, OK, I know everyone likes to see the long-hooded, classic, “squared up” custom big rigs. But sometimes you come across a unique truck that commands your attention.

Take this aerodynamic late-model Pete, for example, with a ton of class, a good-lookin’ paint scheme and some other neat touches that make it stand out in the world of a million aero trucks.

This 2017 Peterbilt 567 Heritage brings fuel efficiency and stylish design together for a home away from home appeal while still portraying the owner-operator spirit, especially for Adam Croney from West Concord, Minn. Originally going to Kansas City Peterbilt to look at a custom-built 567, he saw this 567 Heritage in the showroom and immediately fell in love with the features.

What does the Heritage model entail? Let me give y’all a rundown with what came from the factory and what Adam has done afterwards to make it more unique. The truck is leased to Vogelsberg Trucking and was a brand new 2017 model equipped with a 500 Paccar engine under the hood, 18-speed Eaton Fuller transmission, 3.36 gears and a 279-inch wheelbase. It can be found pulling a Conestoga or Vanguard 53-foot van trailer.

The Heritage package boasts King Ranch-styled leather interior with heated/cooled seats and a navigation screen with three pages of information that tells Adam everything he needs to know about the truck at any given time. The truck sports a custom visor that was purchased from Panelite, but the custom part came into play when Adam received the visor as it was, then had it chopped and reshaped to fit closer to the windshield. In addition, 10 clearance lights were added to the visor prior to installation.

For something a little more “Peterbiltish,” the truck also has Hogebuilt stainless steel half-fenders. Not only does the truck have a very nice specialty headache rack, but within the window of the headache rack is a Tripac Evolution APU. How is that for creativity?

Most APUs are attached directly to the cab, but Adam wanted to keep his truck with a clean look, plus the truck doesn’t have a rear window in it so the window of the headache rack wouldn’t have been used anyways. It worked out perfectly!

Adam moved with his family to a small town when he was younger and naturally progressed to getting into trucking, because most folks in that small town were active in the trucking industry already. Adam obtained his commercial driver’s license at age 19 and hasn’t stopped trucking since.

Currently Adam runs the Midwest, which allows him more time to spend with his growing family: his wife, Melonie; 13-year-old daughter Avril; 2-year-old Ella; and a baby boy due in October.

Adam built this truck for comfort and for better fuel mileage. It is absolutely a working truck, but Adam also takes pride in his ride so he likes to keep it looking sharp.

Beware folks, the truck isn’t by any means done yet, so keep a lookout for what changes this 567 will see in the future. Plans for possibly removing the headache rack, making a custom deck plate and installing the APU fan and condenser into the frame cover are in the works.

Like most of us, Adam’s “truck build” is constantly in motion with improvements and cool changes taking place every few months. This rig proves the fact that many of the newer aero trucks can hang with the classics anytime and anywhere. LL