Arizona puts over 16% of inspected vehicles out of service during Roadcheck

June 16, 2023

Ryan Witkowski


Another state has checked in with results from this year’s Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance International Roadcheck campaign.

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, state inspectors completed 1,060 inspections on commercial vehicles over the 3-day window, documenting 2,374 violations. As a result, 77 drivers and 176 vehicles – roughly 16.5% of the total inspected – were placed out of service.

This year’s campaign – which specifically focused on anti-lock braking systems and cargo securement – took place May 16-18. Among the 2,374 violations discovered, officials reported 386 anti-lock braking system violations and 67 load securement violations.

Arizona becomes the second state to report data from the annual safety event.

Wyoming was the first state to check in, with 468 inspections conducted across the state during the campaign. According to the Wyoming Highway Patrol, a total of 1,061 violations were discovered during the process. As a result, 43 drivers and 143 vehicles, around 30% of all vehicles inspected, were placed out of service due to critical violations.

Additionally, the Canadian province of New Brunswick has reported numbers from this year’s International Roadcheck event, with 389 commercial vehicles inspected at the Salisbury East and West Scale Inspection facilities over the 3-day span.

Officials tell Land Line that “fewer defects were noted this year,” with an increase in total inspections conducted and a decrease in out-of-service violations. From the 389 inspections conducted – up from 353 inspections last year – only two drivers were placed out of service. A total of 62 vehicles, around 17.5%, were placed out of service due to critical violations, down from 22% of all vehicles in 2022. Additionally, inspectors in New Brunswick issued 222 CVSA decals – 132 power units, 67 trailers and 23 buses – during this year’s campaign.

Started in 1988, International Roadcheck is a program of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

During the 72-hour inspection and enforcement campaign, CVSA-certified inspectors in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. conduct inspections of commercial motor vehicles and drivers at weigh and inspection stations, designated inspection areas, and along roadways.

If a critical vehicle violation is identified by an inspector, the vehicle will be ordered out of service and is not allowed to operate until the identified conditions have been corrected. Vehicles that pass a Level I or Level V Inspection without any critical vehicle violations may receive a CVSA decal, which is valid for three months.

Additionally, drivers may be put out of service for violations such as not possessing a valid or necessary operating license or exhibiting signs of impairment.

Other upcoming 2023 CVSA inspection events:

According to CVSA, an average of 15 trucks or buses are inspected every minute across North America during Roadcheck events. During last year’s International Roadcheck, 58,287 inspections were conducted in North America.  LL