Weather-related truck ban on Pennsylvania, New Jersey interstates begins at 8 p.m. on Tuesday

March 20, 2018

Land Line Staff


Pennsylvania is expecting another major winter storm, and the state is taking precautions. Trucks, trailers and other vehicles will be banned from certain parts of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and other interstates beginning 8 p.m. local time on Tuesday.

According to a PA Turnpike news release, certain vehicles will be prohibited from traveling on the PA Turnpike’s east-west mainline from Ohio to New Jersey (Interstates76, 70/76 and 276) and on the entire Northeastern Extension (Interstate 476) beginning at 8 p.m. on Tuesday. Restrictions will remain through the storm.

Below is a list of vehicles affected by the ban:

  • Empty straight CDL-weighted trucks;
  • Large combination vehicles (double trailers);
  • Tractors hauling empty trailers;
  • Any trailers pulled by motorcycles, passenger vehicles, pickup trucks or SUVs;
  • All motorcycles; and
  • All recreational vehicles.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has also announced a series of bans for the same vehicle types on the following roads:

  • Interstate 76 across the state, which includes the Schuylkill Expressway and the East-West Turnpike mainline.
  • Interstates 276 and 476, a portion of the mainline Turnpike in southeastern Pennsylvania and the entire Northeastern Extension.
  • Interstate 476 between the Turnpike and Interstate 95
  • Interstate 176 (entire length)
  • Interstate 95 (entire length)
  • Interstate 78 (entire length)
  • Interstate 80 from the New Jersey line to the junction with Interstate 81
  • Interstate 81 from the Maryland line to the junction with Interstate 80
  • Interstate 99 (entire length)
  • Interstate 79 from the Turnpike to Interstate 80

A full ban on commercial vehicles will be imposed on these roads:

  • Interstate 70, from the Maryland line to the Turnpike.
  • Interstate 83 (entire length)
  • Interstate 84 (entire length)
  • Interstate 380 (entire length)

PA Turnpike warns that a comprehensive commercial-vehicle ban and/or speed restrictions could be imposed across significant portions of the turnpike system if the storm worsens. Drivers can check turnpike conditions at and click on “Current Alerts” at the top. Motorists can also call 866-976-8747 for updated travel information.


New Jersey

New Jersey State Police ordered a similar ban effective 8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 20, for the entire length of I-78, I-80, I-280 and I-287. It applies to all tractor-trailers, empty straight CDL-weighted trucks, passenger vehicles pulling trailers, recreational vehicles and motorcycles.