Oklahoma emergency waives permits for oversized vehicles

April 24, 2023

Land Line Staff


Until May 19, the requirements for size and weight permits are waived for certain oversized vehicles under Title 47 of the Oklahoma statutes.

The emergency declaration comes after severe storms, tornadoes, straight-line winds and hail caused extensive damage to power lines and infrastructure, according to the order.

“Said damages have caused an undue hardship on the citizens of this state,” the Oklahoma emergency said. “It is necessary to assist and expedite all efforts of relief.”

Oklahoma’s temporary suspension, enacted on April 19, applies to oversized vehicles whose sole purpose is the transportation of materials and supplies used for emergency relief and power restoration, said the order.

Waived requirements for these vehicles include cost and fees of overweight permits under Oklahoma statutes, licensing and operating authority as required by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, and licensing and registration authority as required by the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

In addition, the requirements under Parts 390 through 399 pursuant to part 390.23 of Title 49 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations are also waived for vehicles providing emergency relief under this order.

The declaration does not provide any exemption from the controlled substance and alcohol use and testing requirements, commercial driver license requirements, financial responsibility requirements, or any other portion of the regulations not specifically identified.

Motor carriers with an out-of-service order currently in effect are prohibited from taking advantage of the relief provided by this declaration.

Drivers operating under this order are not required to carry a copy of it with them. LL

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