Intrastate vs. interstate detailed by OOIDA Foundation video

March 25, 2021

Land Line Staff


It is critical to understand the difference between intrastate and interstate commerce.

The OOIDA Foundation’s most recent video in the “Getting Your Own Authority” series explains the difference and the impact it can have on your business.

Carriers need to verify with each state they plan to operate in what their respective requirements are for intrastate loads. Be realistic about where you plan to run, because this will affect your cost of operations, as well as your ability to stay compliant.

Even if a carrier has interstate authority, they may need to obtain intrastate authority if they plan on hauling intrastate commerce in states such as Texas, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania; the video explains.

Unfortunately, there’s no blanket permit that covers every state due to variations in rules.  Kentucky, Missouri and New York require carriers who are incorporated or have an LLC to file as a foreign corporation.

If you missed part seven or any of the previous videos in the OOIDA Foundation’s “Authority” series, visit OOIDA’s Business Education YouTube Channel.

Stay tuned

The OOIDA Foundation plans to publish more videos to provide greater outreach to members and nonmembers. LL