Trucking permits explained with newest OOOIDA Foundation video

March 18, 2021

Land Line Staff


The OOIDA Foundation’s most recent video in the “Getting Your Own Authority” series, focuses on trucking permits.

Depending on where you operate and what you haul, you will be required to obtain the appropriate permits. For example, alcohol, hazmat and oversize and overweight loads all require specific permits.

New York, New Mexico, Kentucky and Oregon require that carriers pay an additional tax beyond their IFTA and HVUT/Form 2290 obligations called a Weight Distance Tax for operating on their roads. Specific weight criteria, travel required, quarterly or month fillings, and length of permits in these four states were detailed by the video.

It is important to be realistic about your scope of operations so that you can save money and remain compliant on the road.

If you missed part six or any of the previous videos in the OOIDA Foundation’s “Authority” series, visit OOIDA’s Business Education YouTube Channel.

Stay tuned

The OOIDA Foundation plans to publish more videos to provide greater outreach to members and nonmembers. LL