Diesel prices drop by a cent on average across the U.S.

August 20, 2018

Land Line Staff


The average cost for a gallon of diesel fuel nationwide on Monday decreased by a penny compared to a week previous, according to the Energy Information Administration.

On Monday, Aug. 20, the EIA reported the U.S. average price per gallon of diesel cost $3.207.

Average prices in every region decreased slightly from last week. The largest decrease was in the Midwest, were the average price on Monday was 1.2 cents lower than a week before.

The average price per gallon for diesel fuel is 61.1 cents higher than a year ago. The year started with an average U.S. price for diesel on Jan. 1 of $2.973.

Following are the average prices by region as reported by the EIA for Monday:

  • U.S. – $3.207, down 1 cent
  • East Coast – $3.207, down 1.2 cents
  • New England – $3.261, down two-fifths of a cent
  • Central Atlantic – $3.38, down seven tenths of a cent
  • Lower Atlantic – $3.076, down 1.5 cents
  • Midwest – $3.129, down 1 cent
  • Gulf Coast – $2.981, down nine-tenths of a cent
  • Rocky Mountain – $3.349, down nine-tenths of a cent
  • West Coast – $3.706, down four-fifths of a cent
  • West Coast less California – $3.423, down one-fifth of a cent
  • California – $3.929, down 1.3 cents.


AAA reports a national average price per gallon for diesel fuel at $3.143 for Monday, Aug. 20.

A week previous, the price was $3.151.

A month previous, AAA reported $3.161 per gallon and a year ago $2.528 per gallon.

The highest recorded average price for diesel was $4.845 per gallon on July 17, 2008, according to AAA.