Veterans’ commissary day among services funded by Truckers for Troops campaign

July 14, 2023

SJ Munoz


At the end of its annual effort, OOIDA’s Truckers for Troops fundraising campaign presents a significant monetary donation along with a truckload of household supplies for those veterans living at the Veterans Community Project Kansas City, Mo., location.

That money is critical for programs offered by the Veterans Community Project, including its commissary day, held the last Wednesday of each month.

Food, clothing, toiletries and other items are provided free of charge for veterans with valid identification. Lunch is also available from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on these days.

Members of the Truckers for Troops committee visited the Veterans Community Project for the June commissary day and saw the impact of a service like this.

“We came up with the concept of commissary because we saw a big need for that resource,” Dylan Chevalier, veteran engagement manager at Veterans Community Project Kansas City, said. “The finds we get from various agencies, such as Truckers for Troops, go towards commissary days to restock the shelves or replenish the miscellaneous items, the hygiene products, just everything we need to provide for veterans for the month. We try to accommodate every need a veteran is facing. We want to show them we’re here for them.”

Frank Smith, a local veteran and former truck driver, was among the shoppers during the June commissary day.

“I can’t say enough good things about VCP,” Smith said. “They’ve helped me immensely. Not just the food from the commissary, but I’ve got two counselors here to help me find a job and deal with some anxiety. If you have a family at home the first thing they (VCP) say is how many in the household? They’re doing everything they can to help us out.”

Truckers for Troops donation helps fund veterans’ programs like this VCP comissary.
Fundraising efforts like Truckers for Troops allow the Veterans Community Project in Kansas City, Mo., to offer such services as a commissary day each month. (Photo by Staff Writer SJ Munoz)

Truckers for Troops has donated nearly $800,000 to veterans and veteran organizations since it was established in 2007.

Last year, OOIDA’s military fundraising effort resulted in a $15,000 donation to the Veterans Community Project in Kansas City, Mo.

This year’s Truckers for Troops campaign will run from Nov. 6-12.

OOIDA is offering a 50-year anniversary special of a two-year membership for $50, or a $35 discounted price for one year. Of those dues, 10% will go to the Truckers for Troops fund and OOIDA will match the 10%.

For more information or to donate to the 2023 campaign, go to Truckers for Troops website.

To learn about any of VCP’s programs or one of its seven locations across the country, visit LL