Verizon prepares for shutdown of 3G network

December 14, 2022

Ryan Witkowski


With the end of the year fast approaching, the final 3G cellular network is preparing to go offline.

Over the past year, mobile carriers have been phasing out their 3G networks. The first of those sunsets came in February, when AT&T closed the door on 3G. The final 3G sunset will take place on Dec. 31, when Verizon takes its network offline.

As companies make the move away from 3G, drivers must ensure the electronic logging devices they use are operating on a 4G network or higher. Any driver still using an ELD dependent upon a 3G cellular network will lose service at the end of the month.

After the new year, devices reliant on 3G cellular connectivity will no longer be in compliance with the ELD rule and will register a malfunction. In accordance with 49 CFR 395.34, the carrier has eight days to get the malfunction resolved, in this case by replacement, unless an extension is granted.

Ahead of the 3G sunset, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration suggests that drivers should:

  • Confirm whether their ELD relies on a 3G network. If your ELD does not rely on 3G and meets all minimum requirements, no further action is needed.
  • If your ELD relies on a 3G network, ask your ELD provider about their plan for upgrading or replacing your device to one that will be supported after the 3G sunset.
  • Complete the necessary actions as soon as possible to avoid compliance issues.

Drivers with 3G-dependent ELDs are encouraged to upgrade their equipment to avoid service interruptions. Contact your ELD manufacturer if you are unsure of what network your device runs on. Questions regarding compliance can be sent to

While some have expressed concerns over the ability to upgrade their devices – fearing a lack of product availability or shipping delays – those fears are largely unwarranted. In February, Land Line spoke to a number of ELD manufacturers regarding the upcoming 3G sunsets. An overwhelming majority of those companies said they had a plan in place to assist customers in maintaining ELD compliance. LL