The Spirit heads to the Electric City, Scranton, Pa.

October 15, 2018

Chuck Robinson


Scranton, Pa., is the next destination of OOIDA’s touring tractor-trailer.

The Spirit of the American Trucker is scheduled Oct 16-17 to be at the Scranton, Pa., Petro off I-81, at Exit 178B.

This is the first time that Jon Osburn, skipper of The Spirit, has taken the OOIDA trailer to Scranton. He says it should be interesting.

The Scranton Petro has 428 parking spots. There is a chiropractor there, and you can get DOT physicals and drug testing done there. Even though summer is behind us, a scoop or two from the Breyers Ice Cream shop there might hit the spot.

On the other side of I-81 from the truck stop is Wilkes-Barre-Scranton International Airport. In fact Route 315 in front of the Scranton Petro is Airport Road.

Scranton is in the middle of what was coal-mining country. The mining of anthracite coal fueled the iron and steel industries. However, coal production and rail traffic declined in the 1950s. The area’s mining industry ended with the Knox Mine Disaster of 1959, when water from the Susquehanna River flooded the mines.

Even so, the area is proud of its heritage. In downtown Scranton there is a vintage, historic sign reading “Scranton, the Electric City.” It is north of I-81 on top of Board of Trade Building across from the county courthouse.

The sign went up to promote America’s first electric-operated trolley system, which was developed there in 1886.

The Steamtown National Historic Site commemorates the past glory of the rail industry in the area. The Anthracite Museum and Coal Mine Tour is a community pride and joy, and so is the Electric City Trolley Station and Museum.

The U.S. TV series “The Office” was set in Scranton. It ran from 2005 to 2013. Here is a video featuring cast members of “The Office.”

After Scranton, The Spirit heads to Maybrook, N.Y., for a two-day stop on Oct. 18-19 at the TA travel center at Exit 5 off of I-84. Then it is on to Willington, Conn., for Oct. 20-23.

Whenever you see The Spirit tour truck, go say hello to Jon. He enjoys visiting about the Association’s activities and current issues. You also can join or renew your OOIDA membership for $10 off the regular price there. Also, you can get vouchers for flu, shingles and pneumonia vaccines from Jon at The Spirit.