Regs waived in North Carolina for truckers to aid fuel supplies

May 11, 2021

Land Line Staff


If you’re hauling fuel in North Carolina to help with fuel shortages because of the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack over the weekend, the governor just cut through a lot of red tape for you.

Hot on the heels of a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration exemption of hours-of-service regulations in 17 states, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper signed an executive order allowing for fuel transportation waivers.

The executive order, dated May 10, waives the following regulations for vehicles carrying emergency relief supplies to assist with ensuring adequate fuel supplies:

  • Hours of service
  • Size and Weight limitations, up to 90,000 pounds
  • Temporary trip permits
  • Quarterly fuel tax return filing
  • Vehicle registration (insurance is not waived)
  • Nonparticipants in IFTA and IRP will be allowed in the state.

As is often the case, when operating a commercial motor vehicle under waivers implemented by executive orders, truck drivers must produce documentation to establish that their loads are for direct assistance. Fuel types specifically eligible for the waivers are gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and other refined petroleum products.

The direct assistance provision terminates when the vehicle is not being used in direct support of emergency relief efforts or otherwise dispatched.

The executive order is good for 30 days or the duration of the emergency, whichever is less. LL