OOIDA offers educational resources to help truckers be successful

October 25, 2021

Land Line Staff


Because OOIDA is dedicated to the success of its small-business trucking members, the Association offers a variety of free courses that are available online.

The courses can be found on the OOIDA website at OOIDA.com/online-education/ or at the OOIDA YouTube channel.

It has been OOIDA’s continuous mission to fight for the rights of all truckers through research and education. It is important for truckers to understand the risks because a vast majority of businesses fail within the first year of operating. OOIDA wants its members and drivers to be successful and encourages them to view these free educational classes.

Some of the course topics available at OOIDA.com:

  • Company driver to a leased owner-operator
  • Cost of operations
  • CVSA inspections
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Getting your own authority
  • Health and lifestyle
  • Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (Form 2290)
  • Hours of service
  • Intrastate authority
  • Lease agreements
  • Load boards
  • New entrant safety audits
  • Permits
  • Taxes and the IRS
  • Tire retreads
  • Unified Carrier Registration.

There are brief class descriptions in pull-down menus for each topic. To the right of each topic heading is a “View Class” link leading to a brief enrollment form asking for your name and email.

Other educational resources

In addition, under the Education subhead OOIDA offers:

‘Getting Your Own Authority’ video

Watch this 3-minute YouTube video on “Getting Your Own Authority.” It outlines important questions to answer before taking that important step. While getting your own authority can open the door to more income and opportunities, it also presents a greater risk for potential failure. LL


Watch a video from the OOIDA Foundation on cost of operations here. LL

WW Williams