Ontario Transportation set to end extension of medical reports Oct. 31

September 9, 2021

Land Line Staff


The Ontario Ministry of Transportation will soon be ending extensions for commercial drivers who haven’t submitted a medical report.

The extensions were implemented because of the COVID-19 pandemic but are set to end Oct. 31.

This means that all Ontario commercial drivers who deferred submitting a medical report because of the pandemic will need to turn in their required medical report to avoid having their commercial driver’s license downgraded or suspended.

According to a post on the Ontario Transportation Facebook page, the medical reports can be submitted at a DriveTest Location. Drivers also can fax the Driver Medical Review Office at 416-235-3400 or by calling 800-304-7889.

The reports also can be mailed to this address: Ministry of Transportation; Driver Medical Review Office; 77 Wellesley Street West; Box 589; Toronto, Ontario M7A 1N3.

Drivers are encouraged to keep a copy of the information for their records.

In addition, drivers who are unsure about the due date of their medical report or require an extension should email DriverMedicalReview@Ontario.ca. LL