Michigan law revises work zone travel notifications

May 20, 2022

Keith Goble


A new law in Michigan is intended to provide greater protection for road workers in work zones.

State law requires speed limits for freeway work zones to change depending on whether workers are present. Specifically, the freeway work zone speed limit of 60 mph drops to 45 mph when workers are on the job.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has signed into law a bill authorizing flashing lights and a digital speed limit display when workers are present.

Sen. Mark Huizenga, R-Walker, said the new law will ensure the state is doing everything possible to keep workers safe as they work to fix roads.

“Sometimes drivers don’t see the road crews until they are too close. By allowing these modified signs, we can better inform drivers about the presence of workers so they can follow the law and protect lives,” Huizenga said in a news release.

Workers from the Michigan Department of Transportation, a county road commission, or a local road authority are covered by the rule.

Previously HB5286, the new law authorizes one or more flashing lights and an illuminated changeable digital message displaying the speed limit required for a work zone.

Workers would be considered present when located in proximity to a roadway that is not protected by a guardrail or barrier.

The Michigan DOT, Department of State Police, and construction labor unions indicated support for the rule change.

The rule change took effect immediately. LL

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