Manitoba decides to keep popular rest area on Trans-Canada Highway

June 6, 2018

Tyson Fisher


Shortly after announcing possible closures of rest areas, the provincial government in Manitoba has decided to keep at least one popular rest area open after all.

As featured in Land Line’s latest monthly truck parking blog, Manitoba Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler announced in May that the government was looking at shutting down several rest areas throughout the province. Pine Grove rest area between Winnipeg and Ontario on the Trans-Canada Highways was the first to be reviewed.

Pine Grove is the only rest area along the highway between Winnipeg and Ontario. Motorists, including truckers, rely on the rest area for restrooms and a place to rest.

Recently, Schuler announced that the government will keep the Pine Grove rest area, Manitoba spokesman Glen Cassie confirmed to Land Line. Shuler considered shutting down the rest area that needs approximately $1.6 million in sewage repairs.

“On the issue of Pine Grove, the previous government closed 10 rest stops, transferred two to municipalities, and put Pine Grove under review,” Schuler said in a statement. “This rest area will remain open.”

Before making his decision, Shuler had pointed out that there are several gas station about 12 miles away in either direction. However, many were skeptical about businesses willing to take on the needs of the traveling public.

Shortly after the provincial government announced the possible closure, a petition to keep Pine Grove open was established on More than 7,000 people signed the petition, many of whom were worried about private businesses accommodating their needs.

“Most businesses and service stations are not happy with people using their facilities when not purchasing anything,” one person wrote. “I don’t think the government should be putting the responsibility onto private businesses to provide rest stops.”

Another person wrote, “Local businesses do not have the infrastructure or space to accommodate the volumes that Pine Grove currently services. Keep Pine Grove open!”

Tyson Fisher

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