‘Live From Exit 24’ recaps 2021, looks ahead to 2022

December 23, 2021

Land Line Staff


Live From Exit 24” will take a look back on the year that was and preview what’s to come in 2022.

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On the Dec. 15, “Live From Exit 24,” host Mike Matousek and Land Line News Anchor Scott Thompson invited OOIDA Board Member Doug Smith on the show for a conversation about his recent television appearance as well as his trucking career.

Trucking has been a family affair for Smith, whose connection to the industry goes back to his early years.

“Let’s go back to when I was 3 years old and under the truck with my dad – that’s how long I’ve been learning the craft,” Smith said. “He put me behind the wheel when I was 14, but I went out on my own when I was 16. So I’ve been at it quite a while.”

The Ralph Smith Co., a family business since 1952, focuses mostly on the construction industry but also hauls groceries and moves cranes and other heavy equipment, Smith said. The West Bountiful, Utah-based company has grown from a three-truck operation to a fleet of approximately 120 trucks and 100 employees.

“The key to that is always giving the full measure,” Smith said. “Never cheat a customer. You can only do that once, and it’s not your customer anymore.”

A&E ‘Shipping Wars’

Smith said his recent appearance on the show was actually 10 years in the making. He was interviewed by a friend’s daughter, who was in search of a truck driver she could speak with.

“It’s been 10 years and three months ago she called me and asked if I’m still interested,” Smith said. “So, here we are today.”

A lot of the show is very real. He said he had no idea what he would be doing until he showed up to work.

“If you need permits, you better get permits,” Smith said. “They are not going to tell you to get permits, because you’re the professional. You make it happen the way it is supposed to happen. That’s part of the challenge. It’s not normal for us in the transportation industry, but it’s normal for the show. We’ve got to have some challenges to overcome.”


The wide-ranging conversation also touched on the CVSA annual conference, which Smith was able to attend.

“I’ve always felt like at CVSA you’re going to find a bunch of guys who lay awake at night trying to find ways they can add their own personal touch to the out-of-service criteria,” Smith said. “It was a real eye opener … they do not want to add anything to the out-of-service criteria, which really fascinated me. They are not looking for new reasons. The point of view they had about their inspectors was a lot of them don’t have common sense.”

‘Live From Exit 24’ survey

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