Fill out the Owner-Operator Member Profile Survey from OOIDA

May 3, 2022

Land Line Staff


OOIDA members, please check your email inboxes. The OOIDA Foundation needs you to fill out its Owner-Operator Member Profile Survey.

The OOIDA Foundation circulates the survey every two years.

Electronic links to the latest survey were emailed last month to about 20,000 OOIDA members.

The survey is important because it helps shape what the Association does, explains Andrew King of the OOIDA Foundation.

Every two years, the OOIDA Foundation sends out links to the Owner-Operator Member Profile Survey.

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete. Responses are entirely anonymous. Information is only reported in aggregate and cannot be linked to anyone specifically. It is specifically for owner-operators and only owner-operators.

The OOIDA Foundation is sending out reminders this week to those who were randomly selected to take the survey. King said responses so far are down this year, so he hopes people take the time to respond.

The survey helps OOIDA explain to lawmakers and regulators about the Association’s members. The survey helps explain OOIDA’s members’ backgrounds, what they are going through, and what is happing in the industry.

“Taking the survey, it might not seem evident at first, but it really helps us in so many ways. Things like income and medical issues and things like that, just because we know there are always people pushing an agenda. Things like speed limiters or sleep apnea testing, things like that.” King said. “So this information helps us fight on Capitol Hill.”

It is always important to have updated information, King said.

“With any research, it is a lot better if it is current rather than something even like two years ago because the world is so fast-changing,” he said.

Trucking is a cyclical industry, he said. Right now fuel prices are high, rates going down, so it is good for OOIDA to know what is going on with its members.

Look for the email and click on the link to the Owner-Operator Member Profile Survey, King said. Survey respondents can pause during the survey if they need to attend to something else momentarily.

The OOIDA Foundation is the research and education arm of OOIDA. LL