Dedication meant everything to Citizen Driver honoree Dusty Porter

August 11, 2021

SJ Munoz


OOIDA life member Dan “Dusty” Porter, 2021 Citizen Driver
The Petro in Glendale, Ky., was dedicated in OOIDA life member Dan “Dusty” Porter’s name as he was one of two TravelCenters of America Citizen Drivers for 2021. (Photo courtesy TravelCenters of America)


It was an above-and-beyond dedication ceremony, and Dan “Dusty” Porter could not have been more delighted.

Porter, an OOIDA life member who’s logged 3.9 million crash-free miles in his 50-plus year career, was named a 2021 Citizen Driver by TravelCenters of America in April. The Petro in Glendale, Ky., was dedicated in his name as part of the honor.

As Porter, a driver for Omaha, Neb.-based Werner Enterprises, arrived for his ceremony on July 24, he was taken aback by seeing his likeness and name at the entrances as well as inside of the Petro. There was also live entertainment by Tony Justice, and the Petro provided breakfast for all attendees.

“It was a unique experience and humbling at the same time,” Porter said. “There are times when I can talk up a storm, but I was totally in awe with the way they went all out with the ceremony to make sure it was a success. You couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Add to that the fact Porter, a known photographer, was on the other side of the camera in this instance.

“I’m not used to being the one in the limelight,” Porter said. “I didn’t have a speech ready and there was a couple times I was choked up. To see the support from my peer group and the people I’ve worked with really means a lot.”

Not to mention, this was the fifth time Porter had been nominated, so before he was named a Citizen Driver earlier this year he thought it just might not be in the cards.

“I think I hold the record for most consecutive years being nominated and not winning,” Porter joked. “Everyone said after the second, the third times the charm. Candy Bass, who was also a Citizen Driver (2016), nominated me the first three times and told me she thought she was jinxing me. I told her you’ve been there from the beginning, let’s run it to the end.”
The persistence paid off.

Porter wanted to extend his gratitude to Bass, Charles Endorf of Werner Enterprises, Robust Promotions, National Truck Magazine, the Glendale Petro, TravelCenters of America and everyone who attended the ceremony.

“To have them all there was heartwarming,” Porter said. LL