CVSA new out-of-service criteria go into effect

April 1, 2021

Land Line Staff


The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has updated its North America out-of-service criteria. The 2021 criteria went into effect April 1.

The CVSA updates the criteria annually, effective April 1 of each year.

These are some of the changes made to the out-of-service criteria:

  • Clarified that an automatic onboard recording device cannot be used in place of a compliant electronic logging device when an ELD is required.
  • Changed verbiage based on the pending implementation of the ELD requirement in Canada, which go into effect on June 12. “Daily log” was changed to “record of duty status.” Also, the criteria were changed to indicate that a driver in Canada found without an ELD but is still completing another form of a record of duty status will not be placed out of service. This enforcement action is different from the U.S., so the footnote was added for Canadian inspectors to reference.
  • Added language related to center high-mounted stop lamps. In both the U.S. and Canada, some smaller vehicles are required to be equipped with high center-mount brake lamps that must be maintained and operational. They are optional on larger vehicles, however. The changes clarify that an inoperative center high-mounted stop lamp that is required through regulation is considered a critical vehicle inspection item but not considered for out-of-service purposes. Therefore, the vehicle would still require at least one brake light in addition to the high center-mounted stop lamp to avoid being placed out of service.

The CVSA out-of-service criteria are different from federal, state and territorial regulations. Regulations are the minimum requirements (developed by federal, state, provincial or territorial regulatory authorities) for the operation of commercial motor vehicles in interstate or interprovincial commerce. CVSA’s North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria ensure uniformity, consistency and reciprocity among the states, provinces, territories and countries in determining whether or not drivers or vehicles present an imminent hazard and should be placed out of service

There are several versions (print, electronic, other languages, etc.) of the 2021 out-of-service criteria available for purchase through the CVSA online store. The 2021 out-of-service criteria app is available for purchase by searching “CVSA Out-of-Service Criteria” in the App Store or Google Play. LL