Brake Safety Week enforcement blitz begins Sunday

August 20, 2020

Land Line Staff


The Brake Safety Week enforcement blitz is next week.

It is scheduled to start Sunday, Aug. 23, and run through Saturday, Aug. 29.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is organizing Brake Safety Week.

Enforcement officials will inspect commercial motor vehicles throughout the week. Vehicles found to have critical out-of-service brake violations or other critical vehicle out-of-service inspection item violations will be restricted from traveling until those violations are corrected.

Vehicles that pass eligible inspections may receive a passed-inspection CVSA decal.

Inspectors will be paying special attention to brake hoses and tubing during this year’s Brake Safety Week to highlight the importance of those components to vehicle mechanical fitness and safety, according to a CVSA news release.

During last year’s Brake Safety Week, 13.5% of the commercial motor vehicles inspected had brake-related vehicle inspection item violations and were placed out of service, the CVSA reported.

Brake Safety Week is part of CVSA’s Operation Airbrake program, in partnership with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators.

August is also Brake Safety Awareness Month, according to CVSA. Along with inspections and enforcement, law enforcement agencies also engage in outreach and awareness efforts to educate drivers, motor carriers, mechanics, owner-operators, and others on the importance of proper brake maintenance, operation and performance.

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International Roadcheck is Sept. 9-11

In addition to Brake Safety Week, International Roadcheck is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 9, through Friday, Sept. 11.

Over that 72-hour period, commercial motor vehicle inspectors in jurisdictions throughout North America will conduct inspections on commercial motor vehicles and drivers.

Roadcheck 2020 will focus on the driver requirements category of a roadside inspection.

Inspectors will be checking licenses and endorsements as well as medical examiner certificates, record of duty status, seat belt use, and for the illegal presence of alcohol, drugs, weapons or other contraband, according to a flyer CVSA has produced for the event.

During Roadcheck, CVSA-certified inspectors primarily conduct the North American Standard Level I Inspection, a 37-step procedure examining both driver operating requirements and vehicle mechanical fitness.

The vehicle inspection includes checking such critical vehicle inspection items as brake systems, cargo securement, coupling devices, driveline/driveshaft components, driver’s seat (missing), exhaust systems, frames, fuel systems, lighting devices, steering mechanisms, suspensions, tires, van and open-top trailer bodies, wheels, rims and hubs, and windshield wipers.