Book report: Trucking authors pen books on a variety of topics

February 16, 2018

Mark Schremmer


Spending hours on the highway and at truck stops across the nation gives a person plenty of time to think. Some OOIDA members and other truckers put those thoughts to paper. Some of the books are about trucking, while others include such topics as the Cold War and overcoming an abusive childhood. Here’s a quick glance at some of the reading options for books authored by people traveling the nation’s highways.

“100,000 Miles of Crazy” by Wendy Parker

The paperback shares adventures from the road collected by OOIDA members George and Wendy Parker. The book offers a series of short stories about spending her days on the road with a long-haul trucker. “100,000 Miles of Crazy” tells amusing anecdotes about the silly clothes truckers wear, oddities of the road, aliens and Big Foot.

“This may be a Filthy Lie” by Wendy Parker

In Parker’s second book, she delivers more funny stories from the road and explains how a former nurse has emerged as a voice for the trucking industry.

“Adriana Corderu: Quest for Freedom” by David Michael Palladino

The OOIDA member tells the story of a woman’s search for freedom for freedom during the Cold War. A work of historical fiction, Palladino paints a picture of what it was like for those who fought to escape from the Iron Curtain.

“Adriana Corderu: Western Odyssey” by David Michael Palladino

In a follow-up to “Quest for Freedom,” Adriana Corderu continues her journey toward freedom, experiencing the refugee camps of Italy before making it to New York City.

“The Long Haul” by Finn Murphy

A truck driver for more than 30 years, Murphy provides readers with a peek into the cab of his 18-wheeler, which he calls “Cassidy.” Murphy shares stories from his more than a million miles behind the wheel, taking readers to such places as the Florida Everglades, the truck stops of the Midwest, and the steep grades of the Rocky Mountains. The book also was recently featured by NPR.

“Recycling Your Soul” by Albert Dedmon

An OOIDA Life Member, Dedmon offers a self-help book from Christian Faith Publishing. A self-professed victim of child abuse, Dedmon tells readers that God hasn’t forgotten about them. He also offers tips on how to destroy the past to make room for the real you.

“The F-9 Unit” by Stephen T. Bailiff

Bailiff, an OOIDA member from North Carolina, penned a children’s mystery book about the “nation’s first police cat unit.” A cat owner himself, Bailiff said he’s already working on a sequel.

“One Mile at a Time” by John Arnold

The OOIDA member from Kentucky provides a family history that has deep roots in the military and trucking. Arnold served in the army, was a volunteer firefighter and has logged plenty of miles across the nation’s highways.