A meal can mean so much

November 24, 2021

Land Line Staff


As we’ve seen over the past couple of years, truckers play a vital role in keeping our day-to-day as normal as possible.

With Thanksgiving and the holiday season upon us, Meals for 18 Wheels remains focused on doing their part in thanking truckers for the invaluable service they provide 365 days a year,

“We focus on our drivers who are out there every day, bringing us the necessities that we need so desperately in life,” Tina Arblaster with Meals on 18 Wheels told Land Line Now. “Whether they’re broke down in their truck or just need a home-cooked meal, it’s something for the driver.”

Arblaster said during the COVID-19 pandemic it was great to see people so willing to assist with this cause.

“The true nature of our country really came out at that time and I really wish people would see that again this year,” Arblaster said. “We all came together as one and took care of each other last year.”

While Meals for 18 Wheels is always looking for volunteers, the growth of the program has been quite remarkable.

“It started out as just a few people helping drivers out during the holidays,” Arblaster said. “But the holidays aren’t the only time drivers need a meal. We have drivers that break down, just don’t have the money, or are starting out with a new company and need a little bit of help. Some people just don’t know that a meal means so much to a person when they haven’t eaten in days.”

How it works

All a driver in need of a meal needs to do to receive a meal is send a message to the Meals for 18 Wheels Facebook page. The organization will then ask you a few questions about your location, food allergies, etc. That information will be posted on the page for everyone to see and as soon as a volunteer is found, the driver will be put in contact with the volunteer to arrange delivery of the meal.

Additionally, those interested in being a volunteer can do so by using the sign-up button on the same Facebook page, Arblaster said.

Monetary donations during the holidays will also be an option again this year for those who would like to donate but aren’t able to make an in-person delivery.

More information about how you can help is available at Facebook.com/MealsFor18Wheels/. LL